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Kosmic Dental Clinic Adopts Dentacoin

Published by Pamela Doneva on

We are proud to announce Dentacoin’s partnership with Lucknow’s most recommended dental practice – Kosmic Dental Clinic! Its owner Dr. Vikram Ahuja is an award-winning implantology specialist recognized as the best in the region. His extensive skills and international experience helped him develop Kosmic Dental Clinic as a preferred dental tourism destination, welcoming patients from the USA, Canada, Spain, Malaysia, and other countries across the world. 


Embracing Dentacoin To Boost Patient Satisfaction


Incorporating technology advancements for the benefit of patients is one of the key priorities of Kosmic Dental Clinic. In pursuit of growth in the delivery of dental services to international patients, Dr. Vikram Ahuja quickly spotted the immense potential of a Dentacoin Partnership. 


“Dentacoin is a blockchain technology that our patients will surely love to use. I believe that it has the potential to influence the entire dental industry!”

Dr. Vikram Ahuja, Kosmic Dental Clinic Owner


As someone who is devoted to raising awareness about the importance of proper oral care, Dr. Ahuja got really inspired by the chance to share DentaVox surveys and use our easily comprehensible infographics as educational materials on his social channels. 

Dr. Vikram Ahuja is not just an excellent dentist, but also a visionary at heart. As the general public interest in the real-life application of crypto solutions is rising, Lucknow’s technology pioneer is certain that the adoption of Dentacoin will respond to the patients’ needs and elevate the clinic’s reputation.  



About Kosmic Dental Clinic and Dr. Vikram Ahuja


Kosmic Dental Clinic is considered Lucknow’s most reliable and trusted clinic by many sources. Positive reviews can be found on multiple online platforms thanks to the team of top-tier surgeons, backed by highly efficient, knowledgeable, and friendly patient relations professionals. Among the practice’s specialists are Dr. Abshek Pandey, Dr. Shubhda Singh as well as Dr. Ravi Srivastava who is also a Dentacoin Partner with his own dental clinic.

Dr. Vikram Ahuja has earned a reputation as one of Lucknow’s top dentists owing to his rich dental experience. He has been honored with 25 national and international awards in dentistry: Global Healthcare Excellence Award, Chikitsa Gaurav Award, and India’s Most Prominent Dental Award to name a few.



Furthermore, Dr. Vikram Ahuja is a member of the Royal College of Surgeons in England, having been trained by Dr. Ralph Roberts. Dr. Ahuja also likes to give back to the community by helping fellow professionals to master their skills in implantology. This inspired him to start his very own series of a “Basic to Advance Implantology Course”. What is more, Dr. Ahuja is an associate contributor of the Forensic Odontology manual which is widely used by industry specialists across the world. 


Image Source: Kosmic Dental Clinic Website


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