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Introducing Dentacoin Hub v0.1

Published by Petar Stoykov on

May 9, 2019: Please welcome the brand new Dentacoin Hub v0.1 that allows you to manage all Dentacoin tools in one place!

Dentacoin Hub v0.1 ensures a seamless experience and is absolutely free for both dentists and patients.


All Dentacoin tools in one place

As Dentacoin develops various applications to engage towards better oral hygiene, foster better dentist-patient relations, and facilitate cheaper and faster payments, the need of managing all applications in one place emerged clearly.

Statistics show that more than 80% of all Dentacoin users are using at least two of our tools. DentaVox plus Trusted Reviews is the most popular combination for dentists, and DentaVox plus Dentacare appeals most to the other users.

Now when signing in on or, everyone can access the Dentacoin Hub and be one click away from Trusted Reviews, DentaVox, Dentacare, Dentacoin Assurance, Dentacoin Blog, Wallet dApp and all upcoming products.


How it works?

Go to or to embark on your Dentacoin journey towards better and well-rewarded oral health!



What’s next?


Single sign-in

The upcoming version of Dentacoin Hub will make sure that across all Dentacoin tools, you can sign in once and stay authenticated throughout. This goes hand in hand with the user-friendly navigation that will allow you to jump easily and quickly from one tool to the other.


Integrated account section

Seeing the surveys you’ve filled on DentaVox, the reviews you’ve written on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews, your progress on Dentacare, your Assurance contracts in one place will be possible very soon. From your integrated account section you will be able to edit your data, manage your privacy, monitor and withdraw DCN balance, invite friends, and check all your activities across the Dentacoin tools.


Accumulated wallet balance

The feature to check your Dentacoin balance, filter it by tool and withdraw it partly or in full will be enabled in the My Wallet tab in your account section. Moreover, if you use a wallet created through the Dentacoin Wallet dApp, your address will be automatically recognized.



Inviting friends, dentists or patients will be even easier and more rewarding. You will not only be able to invite other people to a particular Dentacoin tool, but also to all of them for a higher reward per accepted invitation.


Stay tuned for the next Dentacoin Hub version!

COMING SOON(er than planned)…


How does Dentacoin Hub look to you?
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