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In the spotlight: DCN/DOGE pair on SatoExchange

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Launched on SatoExchange last year, the DCN/DOGE market has been garnering the attention of our community recently. With increase in trading activity in the past days, we are pleased to see that market pairs that go beyond the traditional are getting recognition.

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Dogecoin & Dentacoin

Following the DOGE-related tweets by business tycoon Elon Musk, it comes as no surprise that everyone’s eyes are on Dogecoin these days. Created in 2013, DOGE was originally intended as a joke. Its founders Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus’s goal was to satirize the growth of altcoins, however ever since then it has outgrown its original intention. Garnering significant following in its years of operation, Dogecoin actually brought some practicality to the space, due to its large supply and low price, making it a great way to micro-tip social media creators. 


And, while recent social media buzz might have increased the attention on DOGE in the past weeks, the market pair with Dentacoin dates back from August 2020, and continues to prove particularly beneficial to traders.


Dentacoin on SatoExchange

Apart from the DOGE pair, Sato provides a DCN-ETH and DCN-BTC pair, as well. When it comes to fees, there is a 0.2% commission on trades, while deposits are free-of-charge. To withdraw their Dentacoin, users need to cover a 0.025 ETH transaction fee, or they can pay it in the exchange’s local currency of 10 000 SATX. 


About The SatoExchange Platform

Founded in 2018 in Little Rock, AR, USA, SatoExchange features a list of 157 tradable currencies matched in 401 pairs, open to users across the world. The Exchange is fully order-book oriented, which means that users do not trade directly with Sato, but rather all trades are done peer-to-peer directly. 


With a mobile-first approach the platform fosters a user-friendly interface, regardless of the device you are using. Not only that, but the embedded stop-loss features allow you to be in charge of your portfolio even when you are offline. 


So now that you are aware, are you ready to explore this new Dentacoin market? Start trading now:


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Pour ceux qui ne sont pas trader, comment acheter des DNC et les gardés pour la capitallisation ?

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