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Dear community,

Driven by our willingness to always interact with you in the best possible way, today we say Goodbye to Ryver and move our direct communication entirely to Telegram! Our Ryver channel will remain open until the end of April, but all core team members will be active only on Telegram.

We believe that using one channel only will allow us to work together more efficiently, share news, receive feedback, discuss concepts, and exchange ideas on a daily basis. Telegram is a much more popular tool than Ryver, widely used by our community, suitable for large communities, free, encrypted, secure, easily accessible from multiple devices. Moreover, our Telegram community has been growing tremendously in the last months (currently over 5000 people), so the choice was obvious.

If you haven’t joined yet, we are glad to welcome you to the official Dentacoin Foundation group on Telegram:!

Please, make sure to also join our read-only channel Dentacoin Announcements (link:, which will help you to easily follow the most important updates and never miss a thing.

So… Let’s talk, shall we?

Dentacoin Team

P.S. The above mentioned are the only official Telegram group and channel of Dentacoin Foundation. Please be cautious and NEVER trust anything which is not announced on our official website, Facebook page (over 33K likes) or Twitter (over 16K followers)!

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