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Giri Dental Clinic Welcomed As Dentacoin's Latest Partner

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Today we are happy to expand in the state of Odisha, India as we welcome Giri Dental Clinic. The practice’s leading specialist and owner is Dr. Debasis Giri – a dental surgeon with 12 years of clinical experience. He is also known as a senior lecturer at the Hi-Tech Dental College and Hospital.

Dr. Giri’s broad skills and interests go beyond the dentistry field though – he is inspired by the technological innovations through the whole healthcare sector. It is no wonder that he chose to seek Dentacoin partnership as a part of his development plan.


Dentacoin As a Tool in Building One’s Practice


What influenced Dr. Giri to join our network is a recommendation by his fellow colleague – Top Dentist of February Dr. Darshak Shah. In Dentacoin partnership he saw an opportunity for international exposure – and that ultimately can also lead to a wider patient base, believes Dr. Giri. He is happy to share that thousands of patients have been treated at Giri Dental Clinic so far. But he believes that in order for the clinic to attract new people, it needs to adapt to the advancements in the dentistry field.


“I am glad to have the opportunity to partner with such an innovative platform like Dentacoin. I think that blockchain solutions are the future. My goal is to stand out in the local dentistry scene and I believe Dentacoin can help me within this mission.”
Dr. Debasis Giri, Dental Surgeon and Clinic Owner


Dr. Giri also shared with us that he has always been devoted to spreading awareness on healthcare. By keeping up with the latest dental stats and research materials from DentaVox, he is sure that he can spread useful information through his patients’ base. What is more, he hopes that by sharing such materials he can build a good reputation online as he gains reviews on Trusted Review’s platform.




About Dr. Debasis Giri and His Dental Journey


Dr. Debasis Giri has earned a BDS from the Utkal University in Odisha. In the last decade, he has mastered his skills in various dental fields ranging from general dentistry to comprehensive treatments in dental implantology, cosmetic jaw surgery, laser dentistry, etc. Furthermore, in the last 6 years, Dr. Giri also gained experience in the academic field.

What is interesting about Giri Dental Clinic, is that besides dental treatments patients can also find solutions to their hair problems. People can change their whole appearance from smile to shinning hair! How exactly? Dr. Giri shares that he got experience in hair transplantations, stem cell hair regrowth, as well as platelet-rich plasma. And the best news is that you can now partially (or fully) pay for all of this in DCN tokens too!


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