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Archer dental and dentacoin

First Partners in Canada: Archer Dental with Three Locations

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Time to say hello to our northern friends in Canada, as we welcome Dr. Natalie Archer’s Archer Dental to the Dentacoin partner network! With their three award-winning practices, innovation-driven mindset, and prevention orientation, it is an honor to have them on board. 



About Archer Dental

Archer Dental is an award-winning chain with three venues, conveniently placed throughout the Toronto area. The establishment fosters a comfortable and caring setting where patients can take advantage of quality dental care at affordable costs with the help of the latest technology and equipment.

Take a quick walk through one of the impressive venues:



As the company’s founder, Dr. Archer takes pride in practicing a patient-centric approach across all Archer Dental locations by involving patients in the treatment planning process. The process involves guiding patients towards understanding the reasoning behind each step and helping them ask the right questions. With this information available, it is then possible to determine the type of treatment and the potential costs. Moreover, all of this comes free-of-charge before the patient commits to a treatment of their choosing –  a fact which, once again, confirms the team’s devotion in serving patients’ needs in the best possible way. 


Best Dentist in Toronto

Naturally, all this good does not come undervalued, as the family practices have been distinguished with a plethora of awards, including the prestigious Best Dentist: Toronto award. Here are some of the most noteworthy honours:

And that’s not all. Archer Dental has actively provided a platform for the most vulnerable by participating in the Dental Elder Abuse Response (D. E. A. R.) project. The joint pilot project aims to tackle the serious issue of poor or neglected oral health in the elderly, via cooperation between Archer Dental, the Canadian Center for Elder Law (CCEL) and the National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly (Dental Theme Team). By providing a link between dentists, caregivers and the elderly, senior peer-trained workshops, online videos, brochures and checklists, the initiative helps start a conversation about dental care planning, neglect, and prevention. This is all made possible with grant funding from the New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP) – Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). 


Archer Dental, Dentacoin and Prevention

Speaking about prevention, Archer Dental’s team is a well-known advocate of it, perfectly in-line with Dentacoin’s philosophy. Not only that, but the focus on prevention was actually one of the primary reasons we shook hands with Dr. Archer in the first place. They see great potential in magnifying each other’s initiatives on the global market. 


“We are eager to explore Dentacoin for two reasons. First and foremost, our team takes a preventative approach to dental care and we find the idea of rewarding patients for practicing good oral hygiene and making regular visits to the dental office very appealing,” shared Dr. Natalie Archer, the Founder of Archer Dental.


Additionally, with innovation being one of the pillars of the company, implementing novel ways of digital payments is something they are happy to incorporate, as a means to reach patients outside the legacy systems. 



“We have already developed our own chatbot and so we appreciate the idea of leading the way in Canada for patients to use/ generate digital resources to pay for dental services and oral healthcare in general, which is NOT COVERED in our current basic medical coverage,” she concluded.


Welcome, Archer Dental!

To further extend their reach in the digital space, Archer Dental is already taking advantage of the tech stack that Dentacoin provides by having a dedicated page up on Trusted Reviews. Have you visited Archer Dental for a treatment? Share your thoughts below:


It is certainly exciting to welcome such an accomplished and forward-thinking professional like Dr. Natalie Archer to the Dentacoin network! As our first dental partner in the country, we are thrilled to amplify our shared vision for the future of dentistry. With 3 new locations in Canada and 31 in the US, we are bringing the tally up to 34 establishments on the North American continent.

And in case you are from another area, have no fear, as we constantly strive to engage more partners in our global mission for technology-driven, prevention-oriented oral care!

112 locations in 30 countries аnd counting… See all partners here.


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