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First Partner in Ecuador: Indental

Published by Petar Stoykov on

Greetings from sunny Ecuador, as we welcome our first partner in the South American country – Indental. Indental offers a wide range of dental services from general and aesthetic dentistry to oral rehabilitation, orthodontics, prosthetics, implants, periodontics, surgery, and endodontics, making it your one-stop-shop for all your oral health needs in the country.


About Indental

Located in the picturesque town of Guayaquil, the town and the clinic are the perfect spot for dental tourism, which naturally Indental offers, as well. Being a patient there you can take advantage of their Comprehensive Oral Health service (SBI), which guides you through the entire process with the utmost care, including a thorough diagnosis performed by their specialists, as well as personalised monitoring during and post-treatment. 



Not only that but to make sure the financial needs of patients are taken care of, as well Indental offers payments per appointment, so you are charged only for that which is already taken care of. All of this and above, when combined with the skills, experience, and the latest technology employed at the clinic, translates into highly aesthetic and satisfying results for all – the epitome of the “Indental Experience”.


Dentacoin + Indental

We are thrilled to have Indental join us, as we further develop the South American market, by entering into a brand new opportunity for growth in a new environment. Taking into consideration Indental’s practice of flexible payments and Dentacoin’s novel means of transactions it is a perfect opportunity to disrupt a fresh market:


Dr norka altamirano“We are looking forward to implementing Dentacoin, as a means of payment, as well as to reward our loyal customers via the outstanding Dentacoin tool suite and make the most out of it, while attracting an international patient-base.” – shared Dr. Norka Altamirano.


Speaking of attracting patients, Indental already is taking advantage of the Dentacoin tool suite, with their dedicated profile page on Trusted Reviews. Have you had the chance to have the Indental Experience? Share your thoughts and leave a review:

With Indental joining the partner network, Dentacoin is now accepted in 121 locations, 38 countries and 6 continents, making steady steps towards spearheading preventive dentistry across the globe. Curious to see more partners? Find them all on our partner map here.

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