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First Dental Chain in the USA Accepts Dentacoin: LifDental, New York

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Dentacoin is entering the US market as first dental chain in New York starts accepting payments in DCN.

We are happy to welcome LifDental, New York to our partner network!

LifDental is a dental practice chain with three locations serving the Western New York area (Buffalo). All three locations offer a full range of dental services: from hygiene, through general dentistry, to implants. The dentists at LifDental are independent practitioners who have teamed up with the chain because they share the mission to build an environment that is committed to the patient needs and concerns. To assure access to high-quality dental care, LifDental dental practices provide fair and transparent pricing while also offering financing options to make dentistry affordable.  The concept of Dentacoin fully aligns with their goal to involve patients strongly and provide great patient experience at reduced costs.

“Dentacoin is the buzz on everyone’s lips in our networks lately…”

We talked to Mark Lorich, Software Engineering Manager at LifDental (part of LifMCO Group), about their decision to implement Dentacoin on the way to developing and maintaining a successful patient-driven strategy.

How did you decide to implement Dentacoin?
Mark Lorich: What drew us to Dentacoin was how easily it includes the patient. Most cryptocurrencies require a steep barrier of entry to generate, but Dentacoin uses intuitive systems for patients to get involved immediately. We believe dental begins and ends with the patient, so this was a no-brainer.
We decided to implement Dentacoin because it allows us to explore new ways for patients to pay for their services at our dental offices. Seeing the climbing value gives us the confidence we need to consider this as a payment option.

Have you already presented Dentacoin to your patients?
Mark Lorich: Before we present Dentacoin to our patients, we want to make sure our marketing content and workflow have been updated for the smoothest transition possible. Dentacoin is the buzz on everyone’s lips in our networks lately, though, and it’s hard to keep a secret.

How will Dentacoin be implemented in your workflow?
Mark Lorich: Patients of ours will be aware we accept Dentacoin through content on our websites, social media, message blasts, signs and other physical advertising. We are ecstatic to pioneer Dentacoin in our area, and as a courtesy we will be walking users through the process of creating a wallet and account(s). Once established, any transaction the patient would make with us can then be replaced with a transfer of Dentacoin if they choose.

How do you see our future cooperation?
Mark Lorich: Our companies include services for patient information security as well as financing, and as the extra features of Dentacoin are released, we plan to incorporate everything! We are also heavily involved in online education for dental software, and adding Dentacoin on-boarding courses for dentists and labs will keep us on the cutting-edge.

How would you describe the future potential of Dentacoin?
Mark Lorich: We expect the future of Dentacoin to continue through the dental office and into the dental lab. Keeping a streamlined currency option when buying and selling machinery and software between foreign countries can only help this industry grow. Ultimately we hope that combining technology and dental hygiene will penetrate into the habits of our youth.

LifDental joins the DCN network next to six other clinics worldwide.

Those include: Dental on Flinders (Melbourne, Australia), F3T Dental Clinic (London, United Kingdom), CONTIDENT (Budapest, Hungary), Swiss Dentaprime (Varna, Bulgaria), Dentech Dental Care (Pune, India), Mr. iTeeth (Taipei City, Taiwan).




Jon C

Too the moon DCN!!!

歯科医療にブロックチェーンを導入する仮想通貨Dentacoin(デンタコイン:DCN)とは? 特徴や将来性、チャートなど

[…] 2017年10月にはドイツの医療メーカー「CruisAIDer(クルセイダー)」に採用され、歯科用医療機器の支払いに使われたこと。 2017年11月2日にはインドのプネーにある診療所「Dentech Dental Care」でDentacchinを支払い手段として受け入れてたこと。 一番新しいものでは、ニューヨークの歯科診療チェーン「LifDental」をパートナーネットワークに迎え入れたことが公式で発表されています。 […]

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