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First Clinic in Taiwan Accepts Dentacoin: Mr. iTeeth, Taipei City

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Dear community,

We are happy to announce the first partner clinic in Taiwan, accepting Dentacoin as means of payment: Mr. iTeeth, located in Taipei City!

The practice is specialized in prosthodontics, orthodontics, endodontics and implantology and has six dental practitioners. Modern open dental treatment rooms, designed with comfort in mind, maximize patient flow and allow for more efficient visits. The specialists at Mr. iTeeth aim at providing excellent customer service and pay significant attention on educating patients on variety of dental health related topics such as the importance of proper dental hygiene, good nutrition, etc. The staff is highly focused on utilizing new technological advances.

Having realized the potential benefits from implementing Dentacoin, Dr. Tung Hao Lin, prosthodontist and implantologist at Mr. iTeeth Dental Clinic, initiated a contact with our team.

Starting today, December 12, 2017 patients can pay for their dental treatment at the Taiwanese clinic with Dentacoin (DCN).

“I read about Dentacoin and I was fascinated by the concept. Back then, the ICO was still running, so I decided to join and support the project. I believe in the future potential of Dentacoin and I hope that some day soon, not only my patients will use DCN as means of payment, but I will also be able to purchase dental materials and equipment”, explains Lin.

Mr. iTeeth is the fourth clinic which not only uses the Dentacoin tools, but also accepts Dentacoin as means of payment. The other partner clinics include: F3T Dental Clinic (London, United Kingdom), Swiss Dentaprime (Varna, Bulgaria), Dentech Dental Care (Pune, India). Simultaneously, the number of dental practices registered on the Trusted Review Platform is increasing day by day and at the moment of writing it is 792.

We are happy to see the Dentacoin Network growing steadily!

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