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First Clinic in Australia Accept Payments in Dentacoin: Dental on Flinders, Melbourne

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Dentacoin is stepping into new territories as first clinic in Australia implements DCN as a means of payment!

We are thrilled to welcome Dental on Flinders, Melbourne to our steadily growing network!

“Dentacoin could shift the paradigm from “drill and fill” dentistry to a prevention-focused approach. It’ll also help build a tightly knit dentist-patient community.”
– Dr. Max Ganhewa, Dentist at Dental on Flinders

Dental on Flinders is a modern, high-tech dental practice located in Melbourne. The practice is specialized in preventative and conservative dentistry, all alongside affordable and transparent pricing. Dental on Flinders also prides itself on being open extended hours most days of the week in attempt to provide convenience to patients. All dental professionals working at the clinic have solid backgrounds, having been in the dental industry for over 10 years. The team strives to provide excellent patient experience. Thus, at the Melbourne practice the commonly complained about “dentist smell” is replaced with aromatherapy scents, and the stunning views across to Flinders St. station adds up to the great atmosphere.

Dental on Flinders Team - Dentacoin Partner Clinic

The team of Dental on Flinders

Since the end of last year, Dental on Flinders offers patients the opportunity to pay for their treatments with an array of different cryptocurrencies (“the majority of currencies within the top 50 will be accepted”). This forward-thinking inherent in the team led them to Dentacoin as an industry-specific cryptocurrency, providing unique additional benefits to patients and dentists. From today on (Jan 9, 2018), the advanced Australian clinic accepts payments in Dentacoin (DCN).

Dentacoin: The needed shake-up in Dentistry?

“I read your whitepaper. It seemed like a step in the right direction for global dentistry. A focus on prevention is a key part of our mission statement. At the moment our industry is facing big challenges from large corporate and private health insurance companies dictating the direction dentistry is heading. A shake-up is much needed”, explains Dr. Ganhewa.

The experienced Australian dentist defines the patients’ perceptions of cryptocurrencies as a “mix of skepticism and excitement”- an attitude which is proven to be manageable by our current partner clinics through a proper communication approach and benefits presentation.

How does Dr. Ganhewa see our future cooperation? “A lot of hard work to be done, but great potential. I sincerely hope you continue to develop further.”

Dental on Flinders is the sixth dental clinic which accepts DCN as a means of payment.

The other partner clinics include: F3T Dental Clinic (London, United Kingdom), CONTIDENT (Budapest, Hungary), Swiss Dentaprime (Varna, Bulgaria), Dentech Dental Care (Pune, India), Mr. iTeeth (Taipei City, Taiwan).

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