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Expanding in Pakistan With Life Line Medical & Dental Clinic

Published by Pamela Doneva on

Dentacoin Partner Network keeps on expanding in Pakistan. Today we are joined by the Punjabi-based practitioner Dr. Muhammad Shahzaib Abbas Aulakh who has been practicing at his clinic Life Line Medical and Dental Clinic for about 3 years now. The young dentist shares that he strictly follows global standards for quality and is eager to help patients maintain proper oral hygiene habits.


Naturally, when he found out about the exposure he can get by joining Dentacoin he got easily motivated to join the network. Not long has passed and he shares his positive feedback:



“I am glad to be part of the Dentacoin family! I want to give the best quality services to my patients, Dentacoin platforms are helping to reach this goal very easily! ” further shared Dr. M. Shahzaib Abbas Aulakh


In the Spotlight:  Life Line Medical & Dental Clinic


Pin   Location: Punjab, Pakistan


Established: 2019


Dr brownLeading Specialist and Practice Owner: Muhammad Shahzaib Abbas Aulakh


Professional Manifesto: “A patient should feel at home when they are on the dental chair. At LifeLine Medical and Dental Clinic we do anything in our power to enhance satisfaction”


Cap Education: Nishter Medical University, Multan


Teeth Specialties: General Dentistry, Prosthodontics, Endodontics (Root canal treatment), Prosthetics, and Implantology


Hobbies: Badminton and Cricket


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