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Dr. Lane's All Smiles Dentistry, NYC Becomes Partner

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Let’s return to the Big Apple, as we welcome Dr. Alina Lane and her practice All Smiles Dentistry to the Dentacoin partner network! 



About All Smiles Dentistry

All Smiles Dentistry was founded in 2014 by Dr. Alina Lane, who wanted to create a dental home for patients of all needs. Together with the All Smiles Dentistry team, Dr. Lane makes it a priority to bring the best in dental healthcare and technology to provide exceptional dental care, and to constantly improve and learn.



The New York City-based practice offers patients a variety of treatments in the fields of general and cosmetic dentistry, implantology and emergency dentistry. With Dr. Lane at the helm, the team strives to foster an excellent dental health environment for patients of all needs. Patients of All Smiles Dentistry are treated with compassion, honesty, and professionalism.

Well in line with Dentacoin’s mission, All Smiles Dentistry are also actively involved in educating their patients about starting their journey to exceptional oral health through prevention.


“In dental care, as with everything, an ounce of prevention saves a pound of cure – and anything that makes dental care more accessible is something we are excited to support,” commented Dr. Lane.


The practice’s own journey began in 2014 with Dr. Alina Lane. Following the successful completion of her residency program, she did not find satisfaction working for large practices, as she had little control over the quality of how they were run. That is why she decided to take it upon herself to found her own private practice. Around the same time through a fortune turn of events, Dr. Lane also met with Dr. Stuart Isler in Greenwhich Village, New York, who turned out to be an invaluable mentor. With his help Dr. Alina was able to master the veneers craft and learn how to create a gorgeous natural smile.


All Smiles Dentistry is well-known throughout New York for its excellent service. Dr. Lane’s team has even seen their fair share of celebrity patients, including “Everybody Loves Raymond” star cast member – Ray Romano, who had his first time at the dentist without breaking out in tears.



Fostering Prevention in New York

We are thrilled to have All Smile Dentistry join us in the mission of bringing preventive dentistry to patients around the world. It is indeed great news for New York residents to hear that in addition to 19 other partner locations, Dr. Lane and her team are ready to accept Dentacoin payments in the Big Apple.


“We felt the idea for Dentacoin was very well thought out and could have real applications toward making dental care more available and affordable to patients around the world. Being one of the most useful projects in the innovative field of cryptocurrencies, Dentacoin has the potential to disrupt the industry by making goods and services more affordable for people, including life-saving insurance, remittance payments and dental care, as a whole. All Smiles Dentistry is proud to be an early provider and supporter of this unique, empowering, and innovative solution,” Dr. Lane concluded.


The practice is already taking advantage of the Dentacoin tools to help reach more New Yorkers by having a dedicated page on Trusted Reviews. Are you a patient of theirs? Hop on via the link below and leave them your valuable feedback:



Now reaching 20 locations in New York and 30 in the US alone, it is certainly exciting to keep expanding our reach in one of the most important markets in the world. 



If you are not based in the States, you should not worry either, as the growing Dentacoin network already now consists of 108 locations in 29 countries, across the globe. See all partners here.


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