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Dr. Kevin Mirasol Becomes the First Partner in Philippines 

Published by Petar Stoykov on

It’s time for a special greeting from the picturesque Philippines, as Dr. Kevin Mirasol joins the Dentacoin partner network! 


Meet Dr. Mirasol, the “Dentistpreneur” 

Dr. Kevin Mirasol is a man of many talents, engaged in a plethora of initiatives as a dentistpreneur – from his own private and public health practice, through dental education and speaking, all the way to blockchain and digital marketing consultancy. He’s based in the city of Antique, located on the western side of the gorgeous Panay Island and is our first partner in the archipelago.


Early Supporter of Dentacoin

With a keen eye for the future, Dr. Mirasol saw great potential in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, which naturally led him to discover Dentacoin, which is well in-tune with his line of work. Ever since then he has been a firm believer in the project’s success, thus becoming an early supporter. Not only that but he also created the first unofficial Facebook group for Dentacoin supporters “Dentacoin (DCN) Investors Community”, after seeing for himself that “the project is really legit and a passionate, trusted team is leading its development”.


As the tools were developed and more of them became available over time, Dr. Mirasol got acquainted with how each one compliments the daily workflow of dentists and industry participants. “I also noticed all the Dentacoin tools are free and you can’t get this on other dental platforms. That is one reason more for me to be really proud to promote and support DCN,” shared the progressive Filipino doctor. Not only that, but he also saw the opportunity  to get patients more involved, engaged and satisfied through the reward system that flows within all tools of the Dentacoin ecosystem. 


Dr. Mirasol didn’t hesitate to share his excitement about our future cooperation:


“As a dentistpreneur, I believe in the common goals that Dentacoin intends to achieve for us as dental professionals, for our patients, and for the Foundation itself. My extensive Dental Marketing experience helped me truly understand the industry, the customers and the quality products to market, which is why I see a productive relationship with Dentacoin in the future. Productive in financial terms and learning opportunities for both my patients and me; in terms of fostering new patient acquisition and reducing costs, as well as in terms of increased customer satisfaction and retention rates.” 


Warm Welcome to Dr. Mirasol

With these wonderful words Dr. Mirasol becomes the first Dentacoin partner in the Philippines and the 96th member of the global network, alongside 25 other countries. See all partners here.


He has recently joined the Trusted Reviews platform, so don’t forget to leave a review should he had helped get back or maintain your healthy smile:



Welcome to the Dentacoin partner network, Dr. Mirasol! We are thrilled to have you on board! 


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