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Dr. Grin Dental Hub Joins Dentacoin Partner Network

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We are expanding Dentacoin Partner Network with another bright professional from the Odisha region. Meet Dr. Artabandhu Tripathy, owner of Dr. Grin Dental Hub and an awardee of “Most Promising Dental Surgeon in Bhubaneswar” from The 5th National Dental Excellence Awards in 2018. His achievements go beyond the dental chair though, as Dr. Tripathy has also been working as a junior lecturer at the Hi-Tech College & Hospital. 


How does Dr. Tripathy envision the future of dentistry? And what role does Dentacoin play in this future… let’s find out!


Dentacoin As A Tool in Future Dentistry


The use of the latest technologies has always been part of the life of Dr. Artabandhu Tripathy. And his desire to continually develop as one of the best practitioners in the Bhubaneswar area led him to seek Dentacoin implementation. Dr. Tripathy is certain that modern dentistry is tightly wired to prevention. As his vision perfectly aligns with Dentacoin’s mission, it is no wonder that the young practitioner chose to adopt Dentacoin tools as soon as he found out about their salutary features. 


“Dentacoin gives a platform for patients and dentists to connect and build stronger relations. I am convinced that nothing is more important than developing a community. Dentacoin is motivating patients to be more well-informed. It is a great way to engage patients in preventative dental care and I am excited about that”

Dr. Artabandhu Tripathy, Dental Surgeon 


Great honors often bring great responsibilities, shares Dr. Tripathy. He feels that he must live up to the high standards that brought recognition to his dental practice. As part of his goal is to enhance patient satisfaction Dr. Tripathy is devoted to giving more payment options to people. What is more, he is excited that his less financially stable patients will be able to earn incentives through DentaVox and Trusted Reviews.


Dr. Grin Dental Hub


“Patients from all across Bhubaneswar come to our Clinic for good quality dental treatment, with long-lasting results.” shares Dr. Grin. He takes pride in Dr. Grin Dental Hub’s splendid reputation. The practice provides a wide range of dental services, including dental implant surgery, gum surgery, as well as oral cancer examinations, etc. 




Dr. Grin Dental Hub is known for using the most advanced international standard dental equipment like – CAD/ CAM, Cone Beam Computed Tomography(CBCT), OPG coupled with a state-of-the-art sterilization facility and laboratory. And now the process of digitizing the dental space of Dr. Grin Dental Hub is one step further with the recent Dentacoin adoption. 


Trusted Review


Have you been treated by Dr. Tripathy or any of the other skillful dentists at Dr. Grin Dental Hub? Leave a Trusted Review now and get an incentive for sharing your experience!

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