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Dentacoin in macedonia

Dentoria Dental Office, Macedonia Now Accepts Dentacoin (DCN) Payments

Published by Petar Stoykov on

Hello, Macedonia, and welcome to our first partner in the country – Dr. Ertan Omeroglu and his Ohrid-based practice – Dentoria! 


About Dr. Ertan Omeroglu’s Dentoria

Based in the picturesque city of Ohrid, Dentoria offers its patients a wide range of services provided by patient-focused, empathetic and personable clinicians. The scope of treatments includes everything from general and cosmetic dentistry, all the way to bridgework, implant placement, and complex surgeries.

The practice has already established itself as a key destination for dental tourism through a unique management methodology that concentrates on patients’ needs and wants in order to achieve the best treatment available and win their satisfaction.

Walk around the expressive with this short virtual tour:


Additionally, the staff is actively involved in regular training and participation in dental seminars in order to maintain their expertise on the cutting edge. They are well-versed in several foreign languages and in adhering to the cultural differences of a multinational patient base. Not only that, but the team also organises 24/7 support for their patients, making sure they are treated with utmost care, and feel relaxed and comfortable every step of the way.


Dentacoin Enters Macedonia

We are thrilled to have yet another experienced and forward-thinking professional like Dr. Omeroglu with us. Partnering with Dentoria Dental Office opens up a brand new market for applying blockchain solutions and Dentacoin payments with the purpose of improving oral health. It also eases the practice’s interaction with their international patients, as claimed by the Founder. 


Dr ertan omeroglu“Dentacoin is a great solution for my practice. Dentacoin reduces my transactional costs which will ultimately reduce my patient’s costs. It allows me to more easily provide services to patients from all over the world, without the need for complicated currency changes and transactions.”


Dentoria Dental Office is already taking advantage of the Dentacoin tool suite by having a dedicated page up on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews that expands their reach with international patients. Have you had a treatment done in Dentoria? Hop on and leave them a review:


As Dentoria becomes a part of the Dentacoin partner network, it will now comprise of 120 locations in 37 countries on 6 continents, paving the way for digital preventive dentistry. Looking to find all partners? Check out the partner map here.

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