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DentaVox Blog is Here: Satisfy Your Thirst for Knowledge

Published by Dentacoin Team on

Have you always wanted to rise above the competition and keep yourself up-to-date with the latest industry insights? Now you can with the introduction of the new DentaVox blog! 



It’s time to keep your finger on the pulse of the industry with real-time verified dental statistics and infographics, while keeping patients informed on how to better take care of themselves with valuable tips and tricks and busting popular myths about dental health. So go into the details of how you can take advantage of the DentaVox blog:


Embrace the Power of Data

Over the course of development, we consistently improved the quality of the data provided from the DentaVox market research platform. In the beginning we implemented quality control features, such as concentration and speed checks, to make sure survey takers are giving honest answers without rushing through the surveys and generating garbage data. Recently we took this a step further by adding identity verification features, to ensure that a survey taker has no chance to perform the survey more than once and spoof the end results in their favour. 


Through these actions the quality of DentaVox statistical data skyrocketed and is now more valuable than ever, whether you are a dental professional, manufacturer, supplier, researcher, or even someone who is interested in oral health in general – you can fully trust that what you find is real verified opinion from people around the world. Now with the help of the DentaVox blog you not only have access to this data with just a click of a button, but can indulge in it in a curated, easy to read visual and written form. 



Setting Course for Continuous Improvement

Being part of the dental industry is not the only reason for you to peruse the DentaVox blog, though. As a patient, or even just as a curious mind, you can find some food for thought among its pages. Set yourself on a new learning path – become a better survey taker and opinion giver on one hand, through tips and tricks on how to maximize your paid survey experience and earn bigger rewards for yourself. On the other hand, you can also dive into dental crowd wisdom and check your knowledge on various dental myths, facts, or just timeless advice on how to better take care of yourself in the long run.


In the end the DentaVox blog has the valuable insight you need to make your dental experience better than ever – whether you are an industry leader looking to improve their business, a patient that wants a hollywood smile, or a curious mind seeking to satisfy their hunger for knowledge. We have crowd wisdom to share for every mind and plenty of seats around the table.


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