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DentaVox App: Officially Released for iOS Devices

Published by Daria Kerancheva on

All zealous fans of DentaVox, owners of iOS mobile devices, can already download Dentacoin’s dental surveys app on the AppStore! Taking our daily polls and informative questionnaires is now much more intuitive and enjoyable than using the web version on mobile. Users can complete DentaVox surveys practically any time, any place – lying back on their couch at home, sitting in a waiting room for a dentist’s appointment, travelling with the public transport, etc.

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Enhanced Usability & Easy Switchover


Generally, the DentaVox mobile app for iOS has the same functionalities as the web version. Yet, just like the Android app, it will allow for a more personalized user experience and better customer engagement.

After downloading DentaVox Surveys on the App Store, regular users just have to sign in using their Facebook account, a CIVIC verification, and iOS login details. Dentists log in using their Dentacoin credentials – username and password.

Given its high educational value packed in a fresh and entertaining way, the DentaVox app has a great potential for making users return frequently, thus forming a habit of spending their leisure time to learn something new and get rewarded in return.


Great Adoption of DentaVox for Android


Six months after the official release of DentaVox Surveys on Play Store, the app has been downloaded by a total of 6,460 users. Android users traditionally outnumber iOS users as seen on the graph below. Over the past month, the share of iOS mobile users who have been taking surveys on the web version is 19,23%. Given the relatively high costs of Apple’s phones and the worldwide usage of DentaVox, these figures are not surprising.

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The global statistics about the use of mobile operating systems also confirm this proportion. No matter how the statistics may change, our top priority is accommodating the specific needs of all our users and providing them with the best possible experience.


Ready to try the new DentaVox experience?


In the upcoming weeks, we will be collecting feedback from the first DentaVox iOS users. All improvement suggestions are welcome to our designated email:

Start taking surveys on your iOS phone now –
learn curious facts about dental health in an amusing and rewarding way!

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