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DentaVox 2.0: New Surveys, Improved Stats, Enhanced Usability, and Brand New Looks

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279,445,554 DCN paid out to 33,671 respondents in the first year as of launch


After months of vigorous creative work and wide-ranging software optimizations, the Dentacoin team responsible for the Blockchain-based market research website DentaVox is ready to announce the key features the new version brings along. The revamped, fully in-house made survey platform is now all geared up to nurture the global dental industry with highly valuable, area-wide survey results that hold the potential to revolutionize dental care. The new, more extensive format of surveys will give respondents the chance to earn higher Dentacoin (DCN) rewards for answering a larger number of questions.


The relaunch was closely tied to the ongoing development of the integrated Dentacoin platform which aims at streamlining the user experience across all Dentacoin software tools.


“The underlying idea behind the DentaVox redesign was to breathe life into the market research platform and make taking dental health surveys more entertaining and enjoyable for users. In the same time, we have strived to keep the right balance between an incentivized leisure time occupation and a conscientious, socially useful commitment”,  says Daria Kerancheva, DentaVox Project Manager.


The numbers scored in the first year as of its start are a clear indicator that DentaVox popularity and usage will keep rising – 33,671 registered users have earned the impressive 279,445,554 DCN for answering nearly 14,4 million questions.



So, what’s new on DentaVox 2.0?


Publicly Accessible Survey Statistics

Dentacoin’s market research platform now gives both registered users and visitors free access to a pool of survey results on key dental topics. Survey stats are visualized with a set of handy, interactive graphics and provide much more accurate data due to the newly implemented demographic breakdown. Dentists can use this data to improve their dental services and feel the pulse of patients’ expectations. Manufacturers, on their part, can keep track of consumers’ preferences and inclination to adopt new products. Healthcare media can use DentaVox as a legitimate statistical source in their dentistry-related publications and easily identify hot topics. Upon request, all interested parties can receive detailed reports depending on their specific focus. Requesting custom surveys will also be possible in the next version of the platform.



New Surveys, Higher Rewards

One of the major improvements on DentaVox is the quality and exhaustiveness of the dental questionnaires. Users will now be able to earn significantly more DCN for taking surveys of 100+ questions. To avoid compromising the survey results that may result from the longer time necessary, the development team has introduced new consistency protection rules that will keep respondents focused and prevent them from randomly and rapidly clicking answers. Users who continuously break these rules will be banned for good.


Separate User & Dentist Profiles

The two user types on DentaVox – respectively the Dentacoin platform, now have separate logins and a designated set of features. The whole Profile section has gone through a total makeover in order to provide a better overview and control over all Dentacoin tools and transactions. Regular users can as usual earn DCN by filling out surveys and inviting friends to DentaVox. Dentists, on their part, can also benefit from taking surveys and sending invitations to their patients straight from the website or from their personal Profile.


Enhanced User Verification

In order to prevent fake profiles and ensure the desired high quality of survey results, all new and existing DentaVox users will be required to sign up either through Facebook or the Blockchain-based identity platform Civic. (Read more…) All personal data stored on the DentaVox platform is protected and processed as per the latest GDPR rules that came into force on April 25, 2018, as specifically described in Dentacoin’s official Privacy Policy.


Relaunch With Great Community Support

The team behind DentaVox owes special thanks to all Users and Community members for their great patience and constructive feedback. Dentacoin Foundation will keep improving the user experience and efficiency of the market research platform as well as all other software tools within the Dentacoin Ecosystem. Thus, it will reaffirm its mission to have a tangible positive impact on people’s lives and dental health in particular.


Feel free to share your feedback and comments on the new version: Thank you for keeping up!


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