Dentacoin Weekly Updates: September 20-27, 2019

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Dear Dentacoin people,


As you already know, Friday at Dentacoin means one thing: UPDATES! Let’s start with important news on the trading side: 




On September 26, 2019 we paused the trading of Dentacoin (DCN) against Bitcoin (BTC) on HitBTC due to the additional 9th decimal this platform enables – a feature negatively affecting the price when it is below 1 Satoshi. Stay tuned for a new listing on a top 20 exchange platform! Meanwhile, you can trade DCN against BTC on Coinexchange and Mercatox. More on this decision: 

Community Voice: Pausing DCN/BTC Market on HitBTC





Throughout the last seven days, 166 new users registered on our websites, 101 – on the Dentacare App and additional 58 people created their wallets using the revamped Dentacoin Walled dApp. 

A special welcome to the latest dentists registered on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews: Dr. Behairy from Egypt and Dr. Carlos from Chile! 





Dentacoin Trusted Reviews team is tirelessly upgrading the platform to bring even more benefits to dentists across the entire globe. Learn more about the new review invite options, comprehensive rating scale and more features that your dentist wouldn’t want to miss: 

5 Trusted Reviews Features Not to Miss




Teledentistry: Yes or No? 

Technology is now an integral part of our everyday lives. But can online dental check-up and monitoring properly replace face-to-face ones? ➡️ Share what you think and earn up to 47,000 Dentacoin tokens: 


Do you know the Tooth Fairy? 

Tooth fairies, mouses, bunnies… So many different characters, united by one common goal: To take care of lost baby teeth and replaced them with stronger ones. Which tooth collectors do you know? ➡️ Take just 5 minutes of your time and earn up to 28,000 DCN!





Online Reviews Infographic

A new study by DentaVox revealed that patients count on online reviews to help them make the right choice of a new dentist. More survey highlights on how patients use online reviews in the latest infographic:

86% of Patients Choose a Dentist by Online Reviews [Survey Stats Infographic]


Pregnancy & Oral Care

It’s no secret that pregnancy changes women’s bodies. But does it affect teeth? What are the dental DOs and DON’Ts during pregnancy? ➡️ We explored the awareness of both men and women about some of the most popular myths and facts on the topic. Check out the results: 

Pregnancy & Oral Care: 20 Myths, Facts & Stats


Is Dental Self-Treatment Safe? 

… or is it often accompanied by complications? Find out in our latest blitz statistics:  

Is Dental Self-Treatment Safe?




 DentaVox results featured in “Better homes and gardens”, Australia:
20 things you didn’t know about tooth decay

➤ Positive video reviews the Encrypted Couple:
DentaCoin: the Token for the Decentralized & Incentivized Dental Health Industry

➤ Dentacoin in the top Blockchain startups in Healthcare, B Mag:
Blockchain Startups in Healthcare: Top Six to Consider


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