Dentacoin Weekly Updates: September 14 - 21, 2018

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Dear Community,

Another eventful week passes by! Let’s catch up with the highlights:

On Monday we kickstarted the positive news for the week, by opening trading on OEX – one of the top 20 exchanges, based in China. OEX is one of the world’s leading digital asset trading platforms and is renowned for its tagline “high experience, high security, low threshold and low formalities.” Dentacoin is available for trading on OEX against BTC. The platform applies a withdrawal fee of 0.5% and a transaction fee of 0.2%.

Read more about the listing here:

Opening Up New Horizons: Dentacoin Listed on the Chinese OEX Exchange Platform


On Tuesday the good vibes continued, with the signing of our first German partner dentist – Ihr Zahnarzt Neuenburg-Zetel to our partner network. The practice offers dental services in the fields of cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, periodontology, implantology, dentures, InvisAlign, bleaching and prophylactic treatments.

Ihr Zahnarzt focuses on preventive care, instead of the “drill & fill” paradigm the industry is mostly known for and by doing so is aligned with Dentacoin’s vision:


“The focus of our dental practice is on healthy and beautiful teeth. In order to prevent tooth decay, bad breath and other such ailments, holistic dentistry is essential. The need for dental treatment does not always have to be associated with acute pain. What creates great dental care is the prophylactic visit, which should take place at least once a year at your dentist,” shared Dr. Marius Herfurth, Founder of Ihr Zahnarzt.


Read more about the partnership here:

First Dentacoin Dentist in Germany: Ihr Zahnarzt Neuenburg-Zetel


Then on Thursday, we had the pleasure to announce another important partnership – that of Argentinian-based Cool Dent chain with 12 new practices. The clinic specialises in implantology and has placed over 7000 implants throughout its years of service. Other specialties include orthodontics and dental aesthetics. Additionally, the chain caters to dental tourists by offering a one-of-a-kind dental spa experience.

Cool Dent marks a significant breakthrough for Dentacoin by becoming the largest dental chain that has adopted the currency. This partnership emphasizes once again on the importance of DCN as a universal industry-specific currency, that is independent from national borders, ensures much lower transaction costs and brings additional benefits to all parties involved.


“Argentina is one of the most important medical tourism destinations in the world because there is a perfect synthesis between prestigious professionals and state-of-the-art technology. Currently, the low costs of dentistry in Argentina allow many people to choose to come here for treatment, receive first class care at very affordable prices and enjoy one of the most beautiful cities in Latin America. A serious and professional dental chain like ours is a dream come true for many patients, who come from all over the world and having the opportunity to pay with a universal  global digital currency is practical for our international patients,” Dr. Adrian Aranda CEO of Cool Dent shared.


Read more about Cool Dent here:

Twelve Practices of the Argentinian Cool Dent Chain Join the Dentacoin Network


Now let’s proceed with the other regular updates.


1) Dentacoin Tools:


  • 730 new users of the Android version (113 organic)
  • 35 new users of the iOS version (organic)
  • Android and iOS versions being updated with different user journeys based on dental status, age, preferences



  • Due to the overwhelming surge in popularity, new registrations on DentaVox are currently disabled to allow for infrastructure & security upgrades.
  • Overall design and process optimizations in progress


Trusted Reviews:

  • Due to the overwhelming surge in popularity, new registrations on Trusted Reviews are currently disabled to allow for infrastructure & security upgrades.
  • New registration & verification process for dentists in progress


2) Dentacoin Partner Network:
  • First German dentist – Ihr Zahnarzt Neuenburg-Zetel joins the partner network
  • Cool Dent, Argentina joins the Dentacoin network with 12 practices – our largest partner chain
  • Conversations with more potential partner dentists
  • Continuous discussions with an innovative dental ecommerce platform, as well as additional dental clinics in Asia and Europe, willing to implement DCN


3) Others:
  • Dentacoin will be listed on Bitibu on September 26th
  • New Dentacoin platform website under development
  • Continuous communication with all exchange platforms in top 50 on Coinmarketcap
  • Binance application in progress


4) Media Presence Highlights:


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