Dentacoin Weekly Updates: October 5 - 12, 2018

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Dear Community,

Another eventful week passes by! Let’s catch up with the highlights:

On Monday we opened up the week with some great news, by continuing the Dentacoin listing marathon with Swap.Online!

Swap.Online is a browser-based multicurrency wallet with a built-in p2p atomic swap exchange feature. The platform is completely decentralised and anonymous – it requires no registration and does not store keys. Even messages between users are not passed through their servers, as they use IPFS protocol. Swap.Online is also KYC/AML neutral, meaning that nobody can freeze the assets, put orders on hold, or block transactions.

Last, but certainly not least – don’t forget to cast your vote for Dentacoin to be listed on the upcoming Smart.Exchange! To vote please register a free account on the exchange and click “Add Your Vote” to vote for your favourite cryptocurrency! Cast your vote here.

Read more about the listing here:

Dentacoin Listed on Swap.Online: Listing Marathon Still Running


Now let’s proceed with the other regular updates.


1) Dentacoin Tools:


  • 1040 new users (114 organic)
  • Android and iOS versions being updated with different user journeys based on dental status, age, preferences



  • 206 new users (organic)
  • Overall design and process optimizations in progress


Trusted Reviews:

  • 5 new users (organic)
  • New registration & verification process for dentists in progress


2) Dentacoin Partner Network:

  • Conversations with more potential partner dentists
  • Continuous discussions with an innovative dental ecommerce platform, as well as additional dental clinics in Asia and Europe, willing to implement DCN


3) Others:

  • Dentacoin listed on Swap.Online
  • New Dentacoin platform website under development
  • Continuous communication with all exchange platforms in top 50 on Coinmarketcap
  • Binance application in progress

Dentacoin applied on Binance




4) Media Presence Highlights:

CIOReview – For the First Time in History: Blockchain Company at the World’s Leading Dental Fair


CoinTurk – Dentacoin Nedir ?

Hunxu 怎样利用区块链有效的保护好医疗记录

BlockPublisher – Dentacoin’s Listing Streak Continues With Swap.Online

HackerMoon – A status report on 138 healthcare ICOs

NetNevesht – ارزهای دیجیتال آینده دار که احتمالا از وجود آنها بی اطلاعید! دیوانگی در فناوری بلاک چین

BitcoinMagazine – Blockchainpartij Dentacoin keynote spreker bij tandartscongres International Dental Show in Keulen

LAToken – How Blockchain Is Helping People Get Better Dental Care And Save Money?


BlockPublisher – Dentacoin (DCN) Discusses its Long-Term Vision

ITBriefNZ – Health beyond borders: How can blockchain transform medical tourism?

ITBriefAU – Health beyond borders: How can blockchain transform medical tourism?


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