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Dentacoin Weekly Updates: October 25-29

Published by Daria Kerancheva on

This week we have added another two Partner Clinics to our growing network, which now encompasses the impressive 181 locations around the globe! Enjoy the All Saints’ Weekend – take our latest surveys, learn more about the correlation between your astro sign and your attitude towards dental care, and see Dentacoin Team in another light! Have a spooky good time!




New Partner: Shah Multispecialty Dental Care

Managed by Dr. Priyal Shah and his spouse Dr. Payal Shah, the Pune-based clinic offers a full-scope of dental services in its both locations. Dr. Priyal Shah is well acquainted with crypto technologies. After finding out about Dentacoin, it didn’t take him long to realize the immense potential of the currency and all related apps to boost his dental practices:


Shah Multispecialty dentacoin partner“Crypto in dentistry? What a great new concept! Dentacoin is an excellent opportunity for our clinic to stand out! We have always strived to provide our patients with the best treatment, the widest choice of payment methods, and the most comfortable overall service. With Dentacoin, we can exceed their expectations!”
Dr. Priyal Shah, Principal Dentist


Another New Partner: Smile Dental Care

Founded just last year by Dr. Saurabh Verma, Smile Dental Care is already famous for providing top-quality dental services. Having a progressive mindset, Dr. Verma is dedicated to building a reputation as a profound specialist. He is just at the beginning of this ambitious journey and we are very happy to be supporting him along the way!


Saurabh Verma, Principal Dentist“Dentacoin will provide our patients with easier access to dental care. It will position our practice among the most innovative dental clinics on the market.”
Dr. Saurabh Verma, Principal Dentist




New Users

This week we have welcomed 864 new users on DentaVox, Trusted Reviews, Dentacare, Dentacoin Wallet dApp, and Dentacare: Jaws of Battle.



Featured Survey: Halloween & Teeth

Trick or treat-ment? Is there really a “healthy” dose of Halloween candies for teeth? Should dentists support or oppose the sweet part of All Saints’ Eve celebrations? We are curious what you think!
Dentavox paid surveys halloween teeth soc

New Survey: Emails from the Dentist

Would you feel pleased or annoyed, if your dentist would send you emails? Do you already receive notifications from them? Get rewarded for sharing your experience!


Dentavox paid surveys emails dentist soc

New Infographic: Can Social Media Make Us Healthier?

Social media is usually associated with rather negative side effects on our physical and mental health. According to a recent survey by DentaVox, however, many respondents think they can also motivate people to take more care of their wellbeing. Controversial or not, let’s see what they have shared:
Can social media make people healthier soc


Stats Results: Astro Signs & Dental Fear

Although 60% of respondents believe the zodiac sign doesn’t define the level of dental fear, the rest have spoken: “Cancers” are most afraid of dental visits. Check other interesting stellar correlations!



Automatization In Dentistry: 3 Ways To Make Routines Effortless

As our everyday life becomes more and more fast-paced, automated systems can save time and money, for both practitioners and patients. Let’s take a closer look into how exactly dentists can benefit from the automated systems!
Trp 54 FB


The online magazine Orthodontic Products shared some curious results from DentaVox survey “Movies’ Influence on Beauty”. Read the whole article here: Survey Finds How Movies Shape Perspectives On Beauty


Thank you for staying up to date with the latest developments on Dentacoin! See you next week!

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