Dentacoin Weekly Updates: November 22 - 29, 2019

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Dear Community,

December is approaching and we can’t help but spread holiday mood around!



This year we have a special challenge for you: Dentacoin Holiday Calendar. Unlock new tasks and get prizes every day in the period December 1-31. And that’s not even all: On January 10 we are also picking 9 winners to get the big prizes! ➡️ Subscribe here to stay tuned:

Pro tip: Bookmark the page and don’t miss out the first day of the challenge! Only the ones who have completed all tasks on the exact date will have their Dentacoin rewards doubled at the end of the challenge and will be able to win the maximum number of raffle tickets!


Now let’s take a closer look to the other regular updates from this week:


1) Dentacoin Tools:



This week we welcomed more than 1000 new users! A total of 939 new users registered on DentaVox, Trusted Reviews, and Dentacare. We also noticed 294 new Dentacoin addresses created through the Dentacoin Wallet dApp.




MARKETING HELP: 4 Quick Holiday Ideas for Dentists

🎄 The latest article on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews blog is here to help dentists kick off exceptional marketing campaigns this festive season. Share with dentists:


DENTIST THROWBACK: Vaishali Dental Care

Throwback to Nov 2018 when Vaishali Dental Care joined Dentacoin partners network as the first dental clinic in Central India to implement Dentacoin concept. Check out their profile on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews and don’t forget to leave a review if you’re a patient of this innovative dental clinic:


DENTIST ON FOCUS: Hidayet Gungor

Everyone wants to look their best on a special occasion. 👏 Shoutout to Dr. Hidayet Gungor from Özel Donatım Ağız ve Diş Sağlığı Merkezi for helping his patient achieve this dream as shared in the latest review on his Dentacoin Trusted Reviews profile:




NEW SURVEY: Prevention of oral diseases

They say “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Is that so? Or is prevention just another buzzword? What do you do to prevent dental diseases? ➡️ Share your thoughts in this week’s survey:


BONUS SURVEY: Amalgam fillings

Durable, toxic, fancy, or old-fashioned… How would you define amalgam fillings? And how dangerous is the mercury in them, anyway? Share your thoughts on the topic in our latest survey:


NEW STATS: The reason behind dental fear?

One-third of survey participants developed fear of dentists after experiencing a bad dental experience. Top three worst dental experiences for people seem to be: 1) Painful dental procedure; 2) Long treatment; and 3) Unsuccessful treatment. 📊 Check more statistics on the topic “Worst dental experiences”:


INFOGRAPHIC: Does oral health influence self-esteem?

Does good oral health make us feel better about ourselves? According to results from a recent DentaVox survey, dental problems are more common among people with low self-esteem! More highlights on the topic in the latest infographic:



2) Others: 



After a recent listing on GraviEX, we are happy to announce yet another exchange to trade Dentacoin on: Altilly! Available market pairs: DCN/BTC, DCN/ETH, DCN/XQR.




INTERVIEW with Jeremias Grenzebach

Jeremias Grenzebach, Dentacoin for PassionCrypto, France: “By involving the patients in how their oral health is handled and using an internal incentive system, we make prevention highly beneficial for both parties, which can greatly reduce costs and pain in the long run.” ➡️ Read more.


DENTAVOX results reported by

“Patients are optimistic about the use of virtual dental care through telehealth services, with 78 percent of patients believing they are likely to use it within the next five years, a new survey by DentaVox showed.” ➡️ Read more.

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