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Dentacoin Weekly Updates: 16-23 March 2018

Published by Petar Stoykov on

Dear community,

It’s Friday – time for catching up with the most important Dentacoin updates!

During this week we implemented Civic (a secure Blockchain-based identity platform decentralized with blockchain technology) on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews and DentaVox, which now allows us to ensure even more relevant research data and trustworthy feedback from individuals with verified identities. More on the topic:

Civic Secure Identity Platform Integrated in Dentacoin Trusted Reviews and DentaVox

We are also thrilled to share that the Bitcoin (BTC)/ Dentacoin (DCN) market on HitBTC is back! The other markets Ether (ETH)/ Dentacoin (DCN) and Tether (USDT)/ Dentacoin (DCN) remain open as well. Read more:

Bitcoin (BTC)/ Dentacoin (DCN) Market on HitBTC is Back on Track!

1) Dentacoin Tools:


  • 202 new users acquired
  • Pending transactions will be processed in the following week
  • Android version being updated
  • iOS version being updated in regards to AppStore’s requirements for using cryptocurrencies


  • Civic integration finished; you can make use of the new identification process and collect your rewards

Trusted Reviews:

  • Civic integration finished
2) Dentacoin Partner Network:
  • 8 dentists/ potential industry partners initiated a contact to learn more about DCN
  • Negotiations with more potential partner clinics and potential industry partners
3) Others:
  • New design of the official Dentacoin website in progress
4) Media Presence Highlights:
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Where to buy dentacoin.


    Dentacoin Admin

    Dentacoin is listed on the following exchange platforms: HitBTC, Cryptopia, Coinexchange, Mercatox, IDEX, CoinFalcon, BuyUcoin, UPcoin (beta). You can also buy Dnetacoin directly through our website with 100+ other altcoins and by a card as well:

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