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Dentacoin Weekly Updates: 12-19 Jan, 2018

Published by Petar Stoykov on

Dear community,

The period January 12-19, 2018 was highlighted by the development of the Dentacoin Partner Network. We entered the US market by partnering with LifDental (a dental chain with three dental practices in Buffalo, New York) and Aura Family Dentistry (a dental practice in Simi Valley, California). Moreover, another UK-based practice started accepting payments in DCN as well: Quality Affordable Dentistry, Hemel Hempstead. Dentist3 (Selangor, Malaysia) and Daily Care Dental (Suva, Fiji) also joined our network.

From the inquiries we received during the week, we also think it’s important for us to emphasize on the following as well:

  • Cryptopia is still under maintenance. “Cryptopia will be standing up new sister sites such as to handle base markets dedicated to LTC on their own trade engine and database to allow them to continue to trade, and allowing to resume registrations.” (source: Cryptopia website However, you can still withdraw your Dentacoin tokens from Cryptopia.
  • Due to high load and transaction security updates on DentaVox/ Trusted Reviews, there are delays in the transactions. However, all pending transactions will be processed. If the transaction status is “Unconfirmed”, that means that once the updates are finished, you should initiate the transaction again.

On Wednesday, Jan 17, we had to respond to one post on Reddit, filled with groundless statements. If you have missed it, please click on the link below.

Dentacoin Reddit Scam Myths… Busted!


1) Dentacoin Tools:


  • 388 new installs of the Android version (organic traffic + promotion)
  • Different types of Journeys being developed – e.g. for children, for people with braces, for people with removable dentures, etc.
  • Next app versions discussed


  • 195 new registered users (organic traffic)
  • Referral options being implemented
  • Automation and security updates

Trusted Reviews:

  • 92 new registered users (organic traffic)
  • 18 new dental practices registered (organic traffic)
  • Automation and security updates
  • New option for video reviews in a development stage
  • Next platform versions discussed
2) Dentacoin Partner Network:
  • 7 new partner clinics announced: three as a part of  LifDental chain (Buffalo, New York), Aura Family Dentistry (Simi Valley, California), Quality Affordable Dentistry (Hemel Hempstead, UK), Dentist3 (Selangor, Malaysia) and Daily Care Dental (Suva, Fiji)

First Dental Chain in the USA Accepts Dentacoin: LifDental, New York

Another US-based Clinic Implements Dentacoin: Aura Family Dentistry, California  

Another Clinic in the UK Implements Dentacoin: Quality Affordable Dentistry, Hemel Hempstead

Clinics in Malaysia and Fiji Accept Dentacoin: Dentist3 (Selangor, MY) and Daily Care Dental (Suva, FJ)

  • 44 dentists/ dental practice owners/ dental medicine students initiated a contact to learn more about DCN (Facebook promotion + website)
  • Negotiations with more potential partner clinics
  • Conversation with a Dental Recruitment Agency about a potential partnership
3) Media Presence Highlights:
4) Others:
  • New Dentacoin website concept being developed
  • New website, targeting dentists, being developed
  • New brochures for patients and dentists being developed

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Duane Spears

I really believe in Dentacoin, it has real world solutions, a global dental community, review platform, block chain back health care insurance, and a health care database. Innovation is in high demand in the health and medical fields. This is an opportune time for such a company.

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