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Dentacoin Weekly Updates: 1-8 Dec 2017

Published by Petar Stoykov on

Dear supporters,

Driven by the willingness to engage our community even more, from today on we will keep you updated with our progress on a weekly basis. The purpose is for everyone to be aware of the most important activities around Dentacoin through a short blog post, even if they are not members of our Slack channel.

The long-term success of the Dentacoin project is measured solely by its real-world adoption which in turn is defined by: 1) the development of the Dentacoin tools, their constant improvement and user acquisition; and 2) the development of the Dentacoin Partner Network. Therefore, our weekly updates will always be focused on these factors.

So… let’s start, shall we? 

1) Dentacoin Tools: User acquisition

Dentacare App:

  • 599 new installs (organic traffic+ promotion)
  • New Facebook ads created


  • 53 new registered users (organic traffic)
  • Facebook engagement posts

Trusted Reviews:

  • 21 new registered users (organic traffic)
  • 5 new dental practices registered (organic traffic)

2) Dentacoin Tools: Development & Improvement

Dentacare App:

  • The iOS version sent for Review; communication with Apple in regards to approving Dentacoin as a virtual currency in the App Store;
  • Possible modifications of the rewards system of Dentacare for iOS disccused;
  • New features implemented before releasing Dentacare v 1.0 for Android;
  • Login tutorials for better in-app know-how created;
  • Bugs fixed;
  • Website creation.

Trusted Reviews:

  • New registration flow against fake profiles: user can only register through Facebook and only if they have over 50 friends;
  • Transaction history added to the Profile page;
  • Translations of the platform ordered – Dutch, Bulgarian, German.
  • Additional transaction security features implemented;
  • Reward server upgrade to support the latest geth version;
  • “Invite Friends” feature implemented which will soon allow users to help us acquire their friends as real users of the tool and thus receive DCN in return.


  • Widget for the real-time market value of DCN implemented;
  • Transaction + Questionnaire history added to the Profile page;
  • Users ban optimizations;
  • Adding new questionnaires and optimization of the old ones.

3) Partner Network Development

  • 192 dentists/ dental practice owners sent us their details in order to learn more about Dentacoin (Facebook promotion);
  • Last steps of implementing Dentacoin in partner clinics in Taiwan and Fiji;
  • Finishing the partnership agreement for a Dental Chain in the Netherlands;
  • Discussion with a Dutch Dental organization about the potential use of Dentacoin for their whole network; updates next week;
  • Talk with a LinkedIn influencer in the dentistry field who could join our Advisory team;
  • Partnership on the Chinese market – content PR + social medias + awareness; future ideas discussion.

4) Others:

Media Presence:

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