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Dentacoin partner with europe largest dental clinic

Dentacoin to Partner With Europe’s Largest Private Dental Clinic

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The Netherlands-based Dentacoin Foundation is on its way to conclude a strategic partnership with the largest private dental clinic on the European continent. With a first clinic founded in 2006, the opening of the new treatment center is a market-driven step following the great increase of interest by international patients, eager to trust their complete smile makeovers to proven professionals. 


Yet another step ahead 

No matter how impressive, the capacity of 71 treatment rooms and 12,000 patients per year is not even the most remarkable feature. The clinic stands out with treatment, technological, hygiene, and ecological standards unsurpassed by any other dental facility on a global scale. Led by two inspiring ladies with an expert team of nearly 400 professionals, the dental treatment center has implemented top-notch digital systems in all its workflow areas, as well as a carbon-neutral strategy.

Well in line with the obvious future orientation of the clinic, Dentacoin will be integrated into their patient loyalty and alternative payment programs. On top: Specifically appointed people will help each patient to open a Dentacoin wallet, submit feedback, take dental surveys, and use the developed oral health apps.


Stay tuned!

More about the clinic, its exceptional concept and the integration of Dentacoin in their processes, will be revealed once they resume normal operations after the coronavirus lockdown. 


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