Dentacoin: The First Blockchain Concept for Dentistry

Welcome on board, early Dentacoin bird!

You got your chance to become an early investor in the first and only crypto coin, specifically created for the Global Dental Industry. Imagine this fast-growing, high-tech oriented industry with a market cap of 500 billions US Dollars (per year) to use one united currency and a Blockchain platform for communication, contracting, data exchange.

Today, you of all people, have the chance to join our initiative from its very beginning.  Early birds often get the highest profits in the future. Remember, back in 2010 when the first Bitcoin was exchanged, it cost 0.08 USD. On 1st of May 2017, the Bitcoin reached an all time high: the astonishing 1489 USD. People who invested a few hundred of dollars 7 years ago are now extremely happy and satisfied with their investment.

But Dentacoin is not only about financial profit.


What is Dentacoin?

Briefly, this is the first and only crypto coin specifically created to be used as an industrial payment method in the field of Dentistry worldwide. But it offers even more: Besides being a value depot and a cryptocurrency, DCN provides value-creating tools, which are based on the Ethereum blockchain technology. Those tools, together with the game-changing insurance model, will inevitably improve the dental industry providing various benefits for suppliers, patients and dentists. Simultaneously, the costs will be tangibly reduced for all involved parties.  Learn more about all we stand for here.


How does it concern you?

Dentacoin is for everyone. A solution which is relevant to 4 billion people globally. No matter if you are a patient, a dentist, a manufacturer – Dentacoin is relevant and valuable to you. The current period, before the first ICO is launched, is devoted to informing in advance all the people who have a sixth sense for future success. The moment the ICO is live, we will offer a limited amount of coins to the public. If you are one of the early birds to buy Dentacoins, your investment will start growing in time.


Why should you trust in Dentacoin?

We see that we can easily inspire patients and dentists with our concept. We see the first fascinating, real-world results. Our confidence is not based on groundless beliefs; it based on these facts.

First partner dental clinics have already implemented Dentacoin as a payment method and as a part of a Patient Loyalty Program. Their excitement about the first results collected is the real proof of concept. According to them, Dentacoin is a highly beneficial tool for creating a community with the patients and for improving the service quality by aligning it with patients’ needs.

In addition to that, we are currently in negotiation with an existing and fully funded state-of-the-art dental clinic with an integrated digital laboratory in London. It is about to be purchased in DCN as a pilot clinic in order to further develop the concept under practical conditions. The business plan of the company is valued using the discounted cash flow method (DCF) to aprox. GBP 90 million. It looks like the seller will accept the purchase to be made exclusively in Dentacoins. This would be a very big step for the DCN value development.


When can you buy?

You can buy your Dentacoins once the Dentacoin ICO is launched. It is scheduled for the period 1. July 2017 – 31. July 2017. Please, be aware that as we will offer only a limited amount of coins at this stage, the limit set could be reached in hours. We wouldn’t want to let you feel disappointed, so just keep this in mind and join the new Blockchain era in Dentistry from its very beginning.


How to buy your first Dentacoins?

Are you already in the stage “Why not giving it a try”? Here are a few easy steps to follow.

1. Create an account at You need to get verified to Tier 2 (here). Deposit a minimum of 50 USD/EUR from your regular bank account to your kraken account, following the instructions in Funding -> Deposit.

2. Visit and create your cryptowallet. Be sure to save your Address and your Private key at a secure place – preferably both digital and printed. Once you lose it, you lose access to all funds in this cryptowallet.

3. Go back to your kraken account and buy Ether (ETH) with the deposited fiat currency at the Trade Section (here).

4. Go to the Withdraw Section on (here). Select to withdraw Ether (ETH) to your cryptowallet. In the Address field fill in your cryptowallet Address, select the desired amount (all the ETH) and transfer it.

5. Before you buy your first Dentacoins, add Dentacoin (DCN) as a custom token in your cryptowallet at Use the button “Add Custom Token” below the Account Balance section and fill in the following:
Token address: 0x08d32b0da63e2C3bcF8019c9c5d849d7a9d791e6
Token symbol: DCN
Decimals: 0

6. Once you have received the ETH transferred to your cryptowallet, you can buy Dentacoins (DCN) with Ether (ETH).

7. Now just wait until our ICO terms are launched and buy your Dentacoins.


You want to know more about Dentacoin? Contact us here: