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Dentacoin roadmap 2020 news updates

Dentacoin: 2020 Year in Review

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Let’s face it: 2020 took us all by surprise. Rearranging priorities, living in fear, losing jobs, coping with stress, sorting out fake from real news, missing our loved ones, reinventing our entire lives… 

But 2020 also put such a strong emphasis on the importance of health and prevention, that these topics can never be ignored again. Not by individuals, nor by institutions. 

We at Dentacoin have never been more sure of the high meaning of our mission: to praise, support, and practice conscious prevention. And all this by utilizing the unlimited potential of blockchain technology into numerous oral health applications, easily usable by the general public and operating dental businesses.

At the end of the year, we are looking back on all the accomplishments we made throughout the last 366 days.


Dentacoin Assurance 

Version 1.0 Official Release + Version 2.0 Closed Alpha (incl. basic health database)

Assurance dentacoin roadmap 2020


The first version of the dental plan set to revolutionize the way we pay for our oral health has been officially released in June 2020 (see announcement). With Dentacoin Assurance we introduced an entirely new, tangible use case of smart contracts within the real-world dental industry. The plan enhances oral health by entitling patients to preventive services (check-ups, tooth cleanings) and basic dental care against affordable monthly fees, exclusively paid in Dentacoin (DCN) cryptocurrency. Thus, patients’ long-term oral health is ensured, while dentists are supported into building a loyal patient base and capitalizing on sustainable prevention.

But that’s not even all: The upgraded Assurance 2.0 has been also launched in a closed alpha test at the end of this year, providing additional features:

  • Smart contracts, valid within a pool of dentists, giving more flexibility to patients
  • Basic version of a blockchain database, verifying check-ups and treatments
  • Shared pool of premiums for dentists, automatically distributed based on the number of preventive services covered

>>> Read the full announcement here. 


DentaVox Surveys 

52K+ users, 42M+ questions + New mobile app – Closed Alpha

Dentavox mobile app dentacoin roadmap 2020


2020 has been an exceptionally good year for DentaVox. On top of almost doubling its user base, the one and only dental platform with paid surveys has solidly positioned itself as THE source for up-to-date market research results. With over 42 million questions answered, a flawless identity-verification system, and rich interactive statistics, DentaVox attracts numerous influential online media and newspapers who constantly seek and publish curious articles based on the findings. 

Now it’s time for the next step forward: DentaVox is soon coming to the mobile app stores! With the brand new DentaVox Paid Surveys mobile app, users will be able to take their favorite dental questionnaires on the go. The current alpha closed test version is aimed at ensuring that all basic features are operational. The diligent testing is handed to various professionals – developers, marketing specialists, dentists, dental front-office administrators – to explore the experience from all sides. We will devote the next few weeks to eliminating all general bugs and prepare a great first impression for you. 

Stay tuned for the first DentaVox app beta public version at the beginning of February 2021! 

>>> Read the full announcement here.


Dentacare: Jaws of Battle

Official Android Release (5K+ users) + iOS in approval + Multiplayer Closed Alpha 

Jaws of battle dentacoin roadmap 2020


It’s been hot at the arena since May 2020! That’s when we officially released the game Dentacare: Jaws of Battle (see announcement). Ever since, more than 5,000 users have installed the one and only trading card game devoted to better oral health!

In fun and challenging one-to-one battles, users are subconsciously being educated on who are the good and bad guys when it comes to teeth. Naturally, this makes the game suitable for both adults and children alike. Collecting fragments from 45 unique cards, battling enemies in 5 different arenas, enjoying daily quests, and having the opportunity to progress in 50 levels, all guarantee an engaging experience to every Dentawarrior. 

At the end of this year, we also launched a closed alpha version of the Jaws of Battle Multiplayer. This means that upon the public release in the first half of 2021, you will be able to battle real opponents. So take it as a piece of advice: Use the time to practice your skills and take your friends aback!

>>> Read the full announcement here. 


Custom HubApp for Dentists

Closed Alpha + Beta Release 

Dentacoin patient loyalty hubapp roadmap 2020


We are excited to share that beta testing for Dentacoin HubApp, a patient loyalty mobile application, started in the first weeks of December 2020. Thanks to the app, in just a few minutes Dentacoin partner dentists will be able to launch their own patient loyalty program from scratch at no cost. 

The new update came after extensive testing and improvements in cooperation with the largest dental clinic in Europe. Their branded version was used by 1,000 selected patients throughout the second, third, and fourth quarter of 2020. 

Now it features the following unique opportunities: 

  • Fully customizable design, allowing each partner dentist to add their own logo, colors, and custom content
  • Native integration of DCN currency, enabling patients to use all Dentacoin apps, get rewarded, handle Assurance fees and treatment payments without any additional hassles for the dental staff
  • Easy custom push notifications setup, allowing for sharing practice news, current promotions, and more

>>> Read the full announcement here.


Dental Practice Management Software

Concept Release + Cooperation in process 

Dentacoin software software roadmap 2020


We were thrilled to finally announce a new product in the pipeline: Dental Practice Management Software with DCN functionalities integrated! To operate normally, every dental practice needs software to manage their appointments, create dental charts, store patient files, track treatments, issue invoices, and handle insurance claims. Now Dentacoin Foundation engages to provide basic software in cooperation with an already existing provider that will cover all essential features for free. 

On top of that, it will integrate Dentacoin Trusted Reviews, DentaVox research results, patient invitations, DCN payments, and other crucial Dentacoin functionalities. This will inevitably improve dentists’ experience with Dentacoin tools and currency, making the process more seamless than ever before. The software will offer paid upgrades to satisfy all needs of larger dental practices as well. 

As the concept is ready, we are currently in a process of finding the best-suited development partner to cooperate with. Stay tuned for the next updates in the first half of 2021! 

>>> Read the full announcement here. 


Dentist Network Growth

1.9К+ dental offices using DCN tools + over 115 partners in 40+ countries 

Dentist network dentacoin roadmap 2020


An ever-growing interest by dental practitioners worldwide has been demonstrated throughout the entire 2020 year. The COVID-19 crisis happened to prove to all business professionals how crucially important digitization is nowadays. With teledentistry becoming more popular and social media influence being utterly emphasized, Dentacoin solutions have grabbed the attention of dentists as the perfect example of digitized patient relations. 

This resulted in new partnerships with clinics from all corners of the world – Poland, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Kenya, Thailand, India, Canada, United States, Ecuador, Venezuela… Among the latest partners is also one of the leading aesthetic dentistry centers in Thailand – Vertex. A great success was also the integration of Dentacoin tools and currency at Europe’s largest dental clinic.

In 2020 we also started a cooperation with the first-ever online shop for oral hygiene products paid in Dentacoin (DCN) – Toothbrushzone, and we added DCN rewards to the brand new student portal launched by our friends at Dentalheld.

>>> See all partnership announcements here.


Better Trading Environment

New exchanges (Hotbit, LBank, CoinTiger, Uniswap) + 3 Coinburn Rounds 

Trading exchanges coinburn dentacoin roadmap 2020


The Dentacoin listing team has achieved significant success during the year 2020. Starting in January with a successfully won voting for listing, we enriched the list of popular supporting exchange platforms with:

All three quickly climbed up to the top of DCN trading platforms with constantly high volumes. In September 2020 we also added a decentralized exchange platform to our list, namely Uniswap. Moreover, trading competitions on CoinTiger and LATOKEN have additionally stirred up the market. 

But there is more: To respond to the community’s suggestions, eliminate excessive supply amounts, and address unpleasant events such as the Cryptopia hack, in 2019 we started with regular annual coin burns. We proceeded with this approach by doing two coin burn rounds in May 2020 and one end-of-year round in December 2020.

We are thankful for all the positive feedback from our community members who deeply appreciated the significant diversification of trading options! 

>>> See all about the trading environment here.



Every achieved milestone, every new user acquired, every new dental practice on board brings us one step closer to positioning Dentacoin Foundation as the industry leader for blockchain solutions in dentistry. Not on paper but in practice. 

We will continue standing in front of you with our faces. We will continue devoting our efforts to digitizing dental practices worldwide. We will continue striving to improve oral health and ensure fair access to it. To put it shortly, we will indeed continue adding up to the substantial value of Dentacoin. 

Thank you for sharing this journey with us! 


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