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Dentacoin & PerioQ: Another Step Forward Towards Improved Oral Health

Published by Petar Stoykov on

August 7th, 2018: We are happy to announce that Dentacoin (DCN) can now be used as a means of payment for the innovative product PerioQ Gum Conditioner.


About Dr. Gubta’s PerioQ Gum Conditioner

Developed by Dr. Subhash Gupta, based in Leominster, MA, USA, Perio Q is a one-of-its-kind serum product, that serves as a gum conditioner. Dr. Gupta is dedicated to providing his patients with the best possible care and so is his company Perio Q. After receiving many calls for help from his patients, he set out on a journey to discover a serum that can be used as preventative medicine to combat the common gum disease issues many of his patients were having. Taking into consideration various gum problems and pains over the years, Dr. Subhash Gupta found his calling to help others get well and his gum conditioner is the fruit of his years-long labour.

The serum tightens the gums, cleanses teeth and gums, fights bacteria and suppresses harmful enzymes, thus improving overall oral health. The main focus of the gum conditioner is to reduce and heal symptoms of common gum diseases, such as swelling, bleeding and pain.

PerioQ is made from natural substances, with its main active ingredient CoEnzyme Q10, being a natural enzyme and causing no side effects. The gum conditioner is clinically tested and the results were published in international dental journals. Most users report improvements after one week of recommended use.


Dentacoin & PerioQ: Another Step Forward Towards Improved Oral Health

PerioQ is now available for purchase to dentists and patients in the Dentacoin (DCN) cryptocurrency.  

“I read about Dentacoin in a local newspaper. PerioQ gel is a high quality oral product and I am sure it could benefit a lot by being under Dentacoin’s umbrella,” shared Dr. Gupta and concluded: “I see a great future for Dentacoin in dentistry worldwide.”

With PerioQ joining the Dentacoin partner network, as a unique dental product supplier, we are one step closer to seamlessly connecting all possible stakeholders within the dental industry supply chain. Creating more opportunities for our community to spend their Dentacoin is paramount to us and with Dr. Gupta’s PerioQ another door opens for all!

The Dentacoin Partner Network currently consists of dental practices, laboratories, suppliers, manufacturers in 16 countries around the globe. Check all partners here.

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