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Dentacoin hub app beta mail

Dentacoin Patient Loyalty App Now in Beta Testing

Published by Petya Ivanova on

We are excited to share that beta testing for Dentacoin HubApp, a patient loyalty mobile application, has started last week. Thanks to the app, in just a few minutes Dentacoin partner dentists will be able to launch their own patient loyalty program from scratch at no cost. The app can be used also to enhance an already running loyalty program.

Dentacoin HubApp for dentists: Get your own patient loyalty app


➡️ Fully customizable design

Dentacoin HubApp is fully customizable in terms of design with the option to change the background, button colors, logo, and content from a user-friendly interface.

Dentacoin app google play screen 2(earn green)

➡️ Integration of Dentacoin patient rewards

Dentacoin tools, DentaVox and Trusted Reviews, are integrated within the app so patients can earn rewards for their valuable input without leaving the application. In addition, the other mobile applications by Dentacoin, Dentacare and Jaws of Battle are at the patient’s fingertips with convent shortcuts from the main screen of the app.

Dentacoin Assurance program is also easily accessible from the app, allowing patients to check their membership plan or request one from their dentist.

Dentacoin hub app google play screen 3(rate)Dentacoin hub app google play screen 4(take)


➡️ Push notifications easy set-up

With Dentacoin HubApp, it is fast and simple to create and schedule app push notifications for any info dentists would like to convey to patients, e.g. new promotions in the dental practice, changes in working time during holidays, COVID-19 updates, etc. Once set-up by the dental practice, the push notifications will be displayed on patient mobile devices at the specified time and date.


Screenshot 2020 12 14 at 13.00.29


Scheduled for official release in January 2021

Dentacoin HubApp will be officially released to GooglePlay and Appstore by the end of January after beta testing by the team and selected partners is completed.

A custom version of the mobile applications has been modified for the specific requirements of one of Dentacoin partner clinics earlier this year. It completely matches the process workflow of the dental clinic and is linked with their CRM and booking system. Awaiting the completion of planned feature upgrades of the other software tools of the clinic, the HubApp is ready for use by patients.

➡️ For early access to the app, get in touch with:

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