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November 29th: We are happy to announce that Dentacoin is further widening its scope by partnering up with 84Digital Web Agency. Yes, you read that correctly: From now on businesses around the world will be able to pay with Dentacoin (DCN) currency for a range of quality online marketing and e-commerce consulting services.


About 84Digital


84Digital specialises in creating e-commerce websites and offers digital marketing services, as well as B2C & B2B e-commerce services.  It operates for its clients in Spain, France, UK, USA and many other countries.They create highly efficient and beautifully designed sites, offering a fresh take on user experience and a top of the market position for brands.


The company offers database optimization, opening up new sales channels and adding new functionalities to existing platforms. Additionally 84Digital is experienced in Magento and WordPress development, as well as integration with major marketplaces, such as eBay, Amazon and Rakuten. The company can also help its clients be on the edge of the latest market trends by implementing crypto payment methods.



Paying with DCN for E-Commerce & Marketing Services Is Happening


“In order to deliver customized projects for different industries, we are always close to new trends. We discovered Dentacoin project when a dental supplier* asked us to integrate cryptocurrency payments into their systems. We thought that Dentacoin could instantly add value to their project, allowing them to use cutting edge technology,” shared Javier Gimeno, CEO of 84Digital. “We were right,” he concluded.


Convinced in the potential of Blockchain and Dentacoin in particular, Mr. Gimeno decided to not only help clients integrate crypto payment methods into their online shops, but to also start accepting DCN as a means of payment for all services offered by 84Digital.   


Mr. Javier Gimeno believes that 84Digital’s experience in e-Commerce will be key to developing online payments using Dentacoin. The company is looking forward to building the next generation of tools to power fast, secure and widely accepted payment options for clients around the world.


“Dentacoin has grown rapidly the last year, and will continue being accepted in more and more clinics, dentists and shops around the globe. Technology will allow more control over the market, increasing the access to dental health as well as reducing the costs,” Mr. Gimeno noted.


* In February 2018 Dentamed Shop – a supplier of the German Bredent implants – implemented Dentacoin (DCN) as the main payment method on their international online shop, developed by 84Digital. “The high degree of fragmentation inherent in the dental industry makes the use of an industry-specific currency like Dentacoin highly beneficial for all links in the supply chain. It allows for international transactions to be much cheaper, easier, faster and secure,” commented Pavel Georgiev, Sales Manager at Dentamed Shop.

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DV1 · 20th December 2018 at 5:47 pm

The next move should be to partner with a major toothpaste brand; Arm& Hammer, Crest, Colgate, etc. Also, try to get toothbrushes made with the DCN emblem. This is equivalent to a car salesman letting a prospective buyer take a test drive.


Terragreen · 25th December 2018 at 6:56 am

It is now very essential to transect between various currency for better prospect.

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