Dentacoin on Kaiser Wallet: Conveniently Store DCN on a Card in your Wallet

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November 5th: We are happy to announce that Dentacoin is now available on Bizblocks’s very own Kaiser Wallet! Kaiser is an easy-to-carry hardware wallet in the form of a card, which conveniently fits in your actual physical wallet!


About Kaiser Wallet

Kaiser Wallet prides itself as being “the world’s first Mutual Authentication system for secure hardware wallets and blockchains”. Its trailblazing technology showcases the best blockchain can offer, in terms of hardware security. Kaiser takes security one step further away from general blockchain and hardware-based authentication, thus creating one of the most secure and efficiently encrypted hardware wallet.



Kaiser Wallet aims to resolve 2 key issues:

  •  Security Vulnerability – Strength Security Technology(Mutual Authentication, Smart OTP, Hardware Algorithm / EAL+ Step-by-Step Authentication)
  • Convenience – by shaping the wallet in the form of an easy-to-carry card, which can be carried around in someone’s physical wallet, as well as by enabling storage of more than 100 different tokens;


About the Kaiser Team – Bizblocks

The company behind Kaiser Wallet – Bizblocks is a well-known R&D and System Integration company that has been involved in hardware information security for the Korean government for the past eight years. The company has pivoted itself towards blockchain hardware security and is currently stacked with a wide variety of professional engineers, instructors, consultants and blockchain Ph.D.s.


“As life expectancy increases and aging becomes a global issue, the combination of blockchain and healthcare is inevitable,” said Inyoung Jung, CEO of Bizblocks. “Therefore, Bizblocks has chosen Dentacoin, a leading provider from disease treatment services to preventive services like insurance as a partner because it has infinite potential for growth.”


What This Means For You

With Kaiser Wallet, you will have the ability to store your favourite cryptocurrency tokens in a very familiar way – in a card that you can conveniently carry around with your cash wallet. Additionally, you will be able to process payments and make transactions via the embedded mobile and card payment functions, just like you would normally do with a regular bank card. Forget about the complicated web interfaces of the past, for Kaiser wallet is here to take crypto payments directly to your wallet!


“Partnering with mobile and card payment providers is of the utmost importance for Dentacoin as it allows us to further spread the currency among non-regular crypto users and achieve a higher level of adoption by patients and dentists globally” says Ali Hashem, Key Account Manager at Dentacoin.

Kaiser wallet becomes the sixteenth Dentacoin supporting wallet, together with our very own Dentacoin Wallet, MyEtherWallet, Jaxx, Imtoken, Coinomi, Metamask, Eidoo, Exodus, Ledger Nano S, Trezor, Atomic Wallet, Lumi Wallet, Trust Wallet, Infinito Wallet and Swap.Online, giving you even more options to store your favourite cryptocurrency.


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