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Dentacoin Network Welcomes: Suraksha Dental Clinic

Published by Pamela Doneva on

Suraksha Dental Clinic And Root Canal Center is the latest clinic from India to accept Dentacoin payments. Situated at Arundalpet, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, the clinic is run by Dr. Gali Praveen Kumar, an exceptional dentist with years of experience. Well known in the region for its top-quality services, the practice provides a wide range of teeth and orofacial treatments. By implementing Dentacoin tools into their everyday practice, the Suraksha Dental Clinic & Root Canal Center is now one step closer to the digitalization of dentistry.


Quality Care In The Region and Beyond


Hundreds of people have been cured in the clinic to this date, including patients that visit each week from Guntur and Vijayawada. Dr. Gali Praveen Kumar’s main intention is to engage patients in preventative dental care. With a wide variety of procedures starting with teeth cleaning, through dental implants and smile design services, the dentists of the clinic are sure to do their best dental treatment.


Dr. Praveen Kumar Gali specializes in endodontology and Dr. Divya Sri Godavarthy, who also works in the clinic is a maxillofacial pathologist. Both dentists keep up with cutting-edge research updates in the dentistry world. They also strive to give personal, caring, safe, and positive experiences to patients. With all that in hand, it is no wonder that their patient base keeps going strong and steady each day. 





Easier Payments With Dentacoin


The digitalization of dentistry ultimately creates a better customer experience, Dr. Kumar agrees. He recently started implementing Dentacoin tools to Suraksha Dental Guntur practice and shared his positive impression with us.


“We are very happy that Suraksha Dental Guntur now accepts DCN payments. This is definitely one step ahead in providing accessible dental solutions! We love the fact that Dentacoin makes the payment process much easier and faster, which ultimately creates a better experience for the patient. Dentacoin is definitely a smart payment solution for our clinic” commented Dr. Kumar.


Easier payments come alongside better customer experience. In the long run, that sure helps receive positive feedback from patients. And not only do patients get the opportunity to leave a verified review, commented Dr. Kumar, but they also receive tokens for completing the process. 


Have you visited Suraksha Dental Guntur? Share about your experience on their Trusted Reviews page now!


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