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Dentacoin trusted reviews website redesign

Dentacoin launches fully redesigned Trusted Reviews website

Published by Daria Kerancheva on

Five years after its inception back in 2017, our flagship website for verified patient feedback Dentacoin Trusted Reviews starts a new life – with a fresh design, many new features and enhanced user experience for both patients and dentists. It took Dentacoin’s team almost five months of vigorous creative and development work to complete this important milestone among all others set for 2022.
Some of the key goals of the website overhaul were to make clinic profiles more appealing and easy to manage and the entire platform more useful for crypto enthusiastic patients looking for the right dental specialist. From a more strategic perspective, this was all done with the ultimate objective to further boost the growth of Dentacoin Network and Dentacoin’s adoption across the world.
Now let’s quickly go through the main tweaks applied to the new website!

Improved search options

Given that searching for dentists and Dentacoin Partner clinics in particular is one of the key functionalities used on the Trusted Reviews platform, we paid special attention to making the search process much more intuitive and efficient than before. Users can now look up particular dental providers and see suggested matches along with profile images. They can select country and city / state separately to filter only dentists from the chosen location. One of the best features of the new Search bar is the ability to narrow the search only to dental practices accepting DCN.
Dentacoin trusted reviews website redesign search bar

New search results / listing pages

When looking for a (partner) dentist using the search bar, users will see a restyled page with all dental providers matching their search criteria. To narrow the results, they can now use the enhanced filters and the interactive Google Map. We have also updated the so-called “catalog” pages ordered by countries, states and cities and added the option to show all registered dental practices on a particular continent.
Dentacoin trusted reviews website new filters 2

Shorter and smarter review process

Providing patients with verified and insightful dentist ratings and thus helping them to make the best choice has always been the primary mission of Dentacoin Trusted Reviews. In order to obtain the most accurate and focused feedback, we have significantly reduced the number of questions by replacing them with an updated list of 12 review criteria. Registered clinics can rest assured that all ratings based on former reviews have been preserved and transferred to the new website without any losses.
Dentacoin trusted reviews redesign review process

Enhanced profiles and edit options

Dentist and clinic pages have also gone through a total makeover. We have made it easier for website visitors to switch between “About”, “Reviews” and the new “More info” section on each profile. Dental pros are now able to add their experience, career path as well as the languages they speak. Updating their listing pages is much easier and intuitive on the revamped Trusted Reviews thanks to the improved on-site editing tools.
Dentacoin trusted reviews website new profiles

Trusted Reviews in continuous improvement

Due to the complexity of Trusted Reviews website and its integral role within the Dentacoin Ecosystem, some of the new features and improvements will be applied gradually in the upcoming weeks. Good things take time, so we count on your constructive feedback and patient support! All comments and suggestions are welcome to:
Thanks for keeping up with the latest progress of Dentacoin Tools!

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