We are excited to share some great news with you!  

As you know, since 5th of August, Dentacoin is traded on Cryptopia – an easy-to-navigate exchange platform, which provides marketplace, exchange services and great support.

For the time period, as per this moment (11.08.2017, 7 am GMT) Dentacoin is traded in the following volumes:

Volume: 36.78830676 BTC / 314513159.16181610 DCN

Volume: 126.42408096 LTC / 18563572.17730781 DCN

Volume: 65804.29792810 DOGE / 287429.38097926 DCN

At the moment we are already listed on Coinmarketcap and everyone can see the traded volume, as well as the current price in USD here.

Our next token sale is our ICO in October 2017. You can sign up for more upcoming events here.

Thank you all for supporting the mission of Dentacoin!

We proceed.

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