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Growing Dentacoin’s Network in Latin America with SorrirMed

Published by Pamela Doneva on

Today we are happy to announce Dentacoin’s expansion in Latin America with Dr. Federico Troncones clinic’s SorrirMed joining the network! The clinic is situated in Jaboatão dos Guararapes, Brazil and it strives to improve the life of the local community. And how are they achieving that? Smile alongside their patients and introduce them to a healthy lifestyle. 


A Journey to Make an Impact!


Dr. Federico Troncone and Dr. Joelma Ribeiro were already established successful dentists, but they felt like something was missing. They wanted more – a purpose and a meaning. They decided to make an impact for the local community of the Curado neighborhood by setting up their own dental practice. 


The name of the clinic comes from the Portuguese word for smile “Sorrir” and therefore SorrirMed. That underlies the main goal of the clinic, as Dr. Troncone describes it:


“We want to bring smiles to people’s mouths. Furthermore, we strive to achieve overall happiness through a healthy lifestyle” 


Dr. Troncone’s wish is to provide health care at an affordable price and with kind hospitality, offering an integrated service, where the client’s well-being is also the doctor’s well-being. Before establishing the practice Dr. Troncone and Dr. Ribeiro talked to people in the community to find out what are the citizens’ needs and desires in terms of dental care. This is surely not an easy task, but it does create loyal patients. 




New Solutions in the Digital Era


With the patient’s best interest always on his mind, Dr. Troncone is eager to introduce new ways to further develop his practice. And, digital technologies are a natural step in that direction: 


“There are new ways of payment methods, cryptocurrencies, and attention to the new digital age such as decentralized economy, blockchain, and tokens. Today they are part of our reality. The professionals who are practicing in the health service areas have to be associated with this New Era. The world opens up in front of us. Dentacoin is part of this New Era. Join us and be a new-age dentist!” shares Dr. Troncone.


He jokingly shares with us we can start calling him Dr. Federicocoin now, as he is so thrilled to use the cryptocurrency in his practice.

Integrity, good relations, and commitment to society’s well-being are key values of SorrirMed. With a focus on human connection and sincere care, it is no wonder that patients are already sharing their positive feedback about Dr. Troncone on his Trusted Reviews page.  


Read more and find out what people like about the experience in SorrirMed here: 

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