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Dentacoin Impressions among German Patients and Dentists

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Meet the Emerging New Generation of Dentacoin Dentists and Patients from Germany 


This article is a translation of “Wie das innovative Dentacoin-programm Zahnärzten und Patienten in der Praxis hilft”.
See original post in German, published by Dentalheld 


In the previous two blog articles about Dentacoin, we described how prophylaxis-oriented dentists can earn more by focusing on conscious prevention and dived into the topic of boosting patient loyalty through the Dentacoin Apps


Two important questions, however, remained unanswered: 

– Why would dentists use Dentacoin apps and currency at their practice?

– What’s the experience of German dentists and patients with Dentacoin?


Our hero doesn’t like unanswered questions… So we sent him to yet another interesting mission!


On his quest to find the answers for you, he visited:

Jeremias Grenzebach, Co-Founder and Core Developer at Dentacoin Foundation;

Marius Herfurth, founder of a dental practice with an in-house lab in Neuenburg-Zetel; and

SWISS Dentaprime, a dental tourism clinic on the Black Sea Coast, primarily working with German patients.


Let’s see what he found out. 




Jeremias Grenzebach, Dentacoin Co-Founder answered.


“By using the Dentacoin tools, dental offices can achieve higher patient engagement, satisfaction, and retention, as reported in the case study of one of our first London-based partners. How does this happen? Through verified and thorough patient feedback on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews and up-to-date market data published every week on DentaVox, dentists can always stay informed about patients’ wants and needs and improve their service accordingly,” explained Jeremias Grenzebach, Co-Founder and Core Developer at Dentacoin. 


Jeremias Grenzebach, Dentacoin during his speech at the International Dental Show 2019 in Cologne, Germany


“Additionally, by providing various ways of earning rewards (taking DentaVox surveys, using Dentacare App, submitting trusted reviews) and spending them (e.g. for covering dental treatments, buying gift cards, exchanging to other crypto/ traditional currencies) dentists engage their patients in a whole new, modern way. Patients see that their opinion and proper oral care matter and are more likely to stay with the Dentacoin Partner dentists. And everything happens at no cost for dentists. We even provide them with an onboarding bonus and free of charge marketing campaign if they decide to start accepting DCN payments,” added Grenzebach. 


“Dentacoin Assurance – our Blockchain-based dental plan, is “the cherry on top” as it entitles patients to lifelong preventive care and dentists – to regular income and boosted loyalty. Those solid, mutually beneficial trust relations then become a prerequisite for recommendations – a key success factor for every dental office,” he concluded. 




We talked to Marius Herfurth, dental practice & lab founder.


Up to date, Dentacoin tools are used by over 1,800 dental offices worldwide, and the currency is accepted as an official means of payment at 93+ locations in 25 countries. And yes, you guessed it right: One of those countries is Germany. 


Our hero met found Marius Herfurth, founder of the first Dentacoin partner dental practice in Germany. Located in Neuenburg-Zetel, Marius Herfurth is a firm believer of digital dentistry and realizes the key role of Dentacoin in it. A brief look at his social profiles on Instagram and Facebook clearly proves this. 




How does Mr. Herfurth see the value of Dentacoin for dental offices and their patients? “Today, a number of revolutionary technologies are ready to change the world, but none has the same potential as the blockchain. Blockchain technology allows Dentacoin to build a network of dentists with the help of the developed software tools,” shares Marius Herfurth. 

“The general idea is that with many technical tools (apps) users have the possibility to earn free Dentacoin (DCN) for participation. Patients can earn or purchase DCN to have their teeth treated. At the same time, clinics and private physicians can spend DCN on equipment, materials and other uses. […] Dentists are motivated to ensure long-term oral health success for every patient. They are rewarded with small monthly contributions in Dentacoin Token (DCN),” he explains further and concludes: “Dentacoin’s primary goal is to make dentistry more affordable for the patient while promoting a more active participation of patients in their oral health.” 




We asked around SWISS Dentaprime Dental Clinic.


Rewarding patients with this new digital currency seems to be very appealing to patients, regardless of their age. That’s certainly the experience of SWISS Dentaprime – a state-of-the-art dental tourism clinic on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast working primarily with German patients in the age group of 50+ that also happens to be the first Dentacoin Partner. 




“We implemented Dentacoin (DCN) in our in-house feedback and reward system back in 2017. [..] Since then, patients have been very excited about this new opportunity. Giving a voucher/ coupon/ client card or a discount in euro is nowhere near the excitement of receiving Dentacoin.  It feels like some kind of magical money to them,” explained Desislava Dimova, Manager of SWISS Dentaprime Dental Clinic, and concluded: “This creates a special bond between our clinic and the patients – all parties are working together to improve the quality of dental services.”  


Sounds great, right? But our hero was thirsty for more and didn’t miss the chance to hear the patients’ voice. Here is what patients of SWISS Dentaprime shared about their experience with Dentacoin:




This article is a translation of “Wie das innovative Dentacoin-programm Zahnärzten und Patienten in der Praxis hilft”.
See original post in German, published by Dentalheld 


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