How to join the Dentacoin ICO: Step-by-Step Guides

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Hey Dentacoin supporters,

Only a few days until we make this important step called ICO together. Exciting, isn’t it? The low initial price we’ve set offers a fair chance for more people to join and support the further development of this great project with potential to reshape the entire dental industry. For good.

In order to help each and everyone of you in the process of purchasing Dentacoin during the ICO, we prepared detailed step-by-step guides. Please find the links below:

Step-by-Step: Buy DCN with Ether (ETH):
• Dentacoin Website
• MyEtherWallet (If you don’t have a wallet, please first create one following this guide.)
• imToken
You can also purchase DCN against ETH on HitBTC, CoinExchange, Mercatox. Please set the price to the fixed ICO price: 0.0000004 ETH/DCN.

Step-by-Step: Buy DCN with Bitcoin (BTC):
• Cryptopia (You can also watch the video tutorial here)
• CoinExchange (You can also watch the video tutorial here)
• Mercatox
• HitBTC (You can watch the video tutorial here)

Step-by-Step: Buy DCN with Indian Rupee (INR):
• BuyUcoin

One of the top cryptocurrency exchange platforms – HitBTC – will also support the Dentacoin ICO, providing one more option for you to join the ICO in a convenient and secure way. Available pairings will be DCN/ETH, DCN/BTC, DCN/USDT.  Dentacoin will be available for trading after the ICO as well. Step-by-Step video tutorial here

ATTN: Don’t try to buy Dentacoin (DCN) by sending Ether (ETH) to our contract from any exchange platform as your assets could be lost. Instead, follow the guides given above.

Scam protection tips:
Please beware of scammers! Always verify that you are on the right website (check the SSL certificate) or on the right Facebook page ( with over 23K likes). Do not trust any message or email you receive.

The one and only contract address, allowing you to contribute to the Dentacoin ICO, will be published on our official ICO page:

You can verify the contract address in this video with our co-founder and core developer Jeremias Grenzebach (3:30): DentaTalk: Pre-ICO with Jeremias Grenzebach, episode 3.
You can also verify the contract address on Etherscan:

Verify the Dentacoin contract

So… Let’s recapitulate:

ICO start: 1st of October 2017, 2:00 pm GMT. Please, don’t send ETH to our contract before the start of the ICO! The transaction will bounce back but you will still pay for transaction fees in ETH.
ICO Page:
FAQ Page:
Special ICO Price:
1 ETH = 2 500 000 DCN (or 0.0000004 ETH/DCN)
1 BTC = 33 000 000 DCN (or 0.00000003 BTC/DCN)
Hard Cap: 240 billion DCN
Main modes of payment: Ether (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Indian Rupee (INR)
You don’t have Ether (ETH)/ Bitcoin (BTC)? You can buy it on platforms like: BitpandaCoinbaseKrakenPoloniexBittrexCoinspot (Australia), Ether Rush,  Zebpay (India).

Please make sure you are well prepared for the start and feel free to ask questions! To avoid fraud, trust only the information announced on our official website!

And… Fasten your seat belts!

Dentacoin Team

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Md abul Hashem · 1st October 2017 at 10:04 am



Omar malik · 1st October 2017 at 12:27 pm

How do i buy i dont have a wallet. How do i creat one and how do i send money to that wallet?
I have an online account with HSBC usd currency can i send money to dentacoint or how i am confused.


Omar malik · 1st October 2017 at 12:35 pm

Is there a wbsite on which i can go n buy debtacoin ICO? Where can make a wallet? How do i fund the wallet from my usd account? I am confused


    Dentacoin Admin · 1st October 2017 at 1:26 pm

    Hello and thank you for your interest in your project Omar! If you don’t have a wallet, here is how to create one using MyEtherWallet:  On 1st of October 2017 you will be able to buy Dentacoin directly from We will post instructions shortly on our ICO page:  the exchange platforms on which you can find and purchase DCN are : the official website of Dentacoin, through MyEtherWallet/ MetaMask, as well as on platforms like Cryptopia (ETH/BTC), CoinExchange (ETH/BTC), Mercatox (ETH/BTC), BuyUcoin (against Indian Rupees).


moris · 11th October 2017 at 11:14 am

Hello. how can we sell the dentacoin after???? Thank you


    Dentacoin Admin · 12th October 2017 at 7:31 am

    Hello and thanks for reaching out.
    Dentacoin is listed on exchange platforms like Cryptopia, HitBTC, Coinexchange, Mercatox, EtherDelta. Our ICO is live now meaning that during the whole month of October DCN is available at a fixed price of 1 ETH = 2 500 000 DCN (0.0000004 ETH/DCN) or 1 BTC = 33 000 000 DCN (0.00000003 BTC/DCN).
    Therefore, now is the perfect time to buy Dentacoin and the worst time to sell it 🙂
    After the ICO the real-life value of our tools is expected to increase the market price. Since its Presale in July Dentacoin already increased its value multiple times, so there are good chances that this process will be repeated on a larger scale after the ICO.

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