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Dentacoin HUb app released2

Dentacoin HubApp: Officially Released for iOS and Android

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Bringing Fully Customizable Patient Loyalty App to Partner Dentists

We are excited to share that the first patient loyalty app with integrated Dentacoin rewards is now live and already in use by partner dentists. The app was officially launched for Android users a week ago and from today it is also available for download on iOS devices, as well.

Its unique personalization features allow dentists to modify both the content and the design of the application, and to send push notifications directly to the patient’s device. Moreover, all this is easily done through a user-friendly web interface. It enables the dentist to feature any information about the dental practice such as appointment booking options or covered services and to match the app screen visually to the brand identity of the practice.


Free, Customizable and User-friendly


Easy setup and personalization

Customizing the look of the app with logo, colors and information takes just a few minutes and does not require any technical development. Through a simple but powerful admin module, the dentist can edit the app screen page adapting it to the information they wish to be seen by their patients. Then, once inviting patients through the platform, automatically the app content of their dentist is displayed to patients after they sign up and download the app.


Hub app edit screen3




Loyalty rewards through Dentacoin tools

With Dentacoin tools integrated into the app, patients can earn Dentacoin tokens through the well-known platforms – DentaVox for taking paid online surveys on dental topics, Dentacoin Trusted Reviews for leaving a review after treatment, Dentacare for maintaining good oral hygiene.

Dv app google play screen 2(earn green)


Push notifications on patient device

It has never been easier to create and schedule push notifications. They offer a convinient way to send updates and promote special offers to patients at scale.

Phone img3


Well-accepted by the partner dentists

Already making waves in the dental community, the mobile application has captured the attention of forward-thinking dentists. Dr. Kevin Mirasol, one of the first partners to take advantage of this innovative product, expressed his excitement with testing it out:


86603436_789047841606040_6321704419578609664_o“After downloading and personalizing the HubApp, I found it very useful and a definitely valuable tool in the patient-dentist relationship. It’s easy and innovative. I am sure that more users will have an advantage in using this as an additional project of Dentacoin. I am so excited! Now, we almost have a complete guide and platform for improving our patients’ dental experience, our practice growth and  digital operations.”

Ready to try it out?

For Dentacoin Partners: Free access with Dentacoin account 

For Non-Partners: Sign up for Dentacoin account and get in touch with our Onboarding team:

For Patients: Ask for an invite from your Dentist – if their practice is already part of Dentacoin network, or request an account and you will be notified if they join in.



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there its a limit to dentacoin/ how many are you alow to buy



I sure hope you all are trying to offer DCN on *Coinbase*. This is an absolute MUST!



Please try hard to distribute DCN on Coinbase!


Jagdeo Nirsook

I think dentacoin is anovel idea and its worth the effort for ppl to get onboard, dental hygiene is important and ease of access to information is supreme .

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