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Dentacoin Expands in Uttar Pradesh With Dr. Gupta's Dental Clinic

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Dentacoin’s adoption around Uttar Pradesh keeps on growing as we are happy to welcome a new Partner Clinic from the region. “Dentacoin can help me to promote dental health more efficiently through current, and future patients”, shares Dr. Gupta’s Dental Clinic founder –  Dr. Jagdambey Gupta, a dental surgeon with 9 years of experience.  The forward-looking professional recently started developing the social media presence of the clinic. And he is certain that with Dentacoin’s health-promoting tools he can stand out in the local community. 


Dentacoin As a Chain 


Dr. Gupta’s Dental Clinic is another clinic that joined our network thanks to Top Dentists of February – Dr. Shah. Being naturally open-minded Dr. Gupta quickly decided to create a profile in the trending Dentacoin Hub. A not long time has passed, but he already started educating patients on the advantages of Dentacoin tools. He is devoted to spreading the word about preventative oral care, as his greatest wish is to see all people with healthy smiles.


“I am inspired by Dentacoin! I think that the project has a very interesting concept that has the potential to change the dental world. I think that Dentacoin partnership can serve me well in motivating patients to come to the clinic for regular check-ups.”

Dr. Jagdambey Gupta, Dental Surgeon


By spreading the knowledge on oral care, Dr. Gupta hopes to motivate patients to visit Dr. Gupta’s Dental Clinic more regularly. He is certain that Dentacoin’s assurance program will be beneficial for those who often neglect oral care due to financial difficulties. Dr. Gupta is excited to start receiving his first reviews on Trusted Reviews platform. As he says, the review platform gives a “win-win” situation for all – the dentist builds a positive reputation online, while the patient gets rewarded with tokens for sharing their experience.


Learn More About Dr. Gupta


Dr. Jagdambey Gupta earned BDS from Babu Banarasi Das College of Dental Sciences. As part of his development journey, he also pursued a Master of Community Medicine and Public Health at the University of Lucknow. Now Dr. Gupta has spent more than 9 years in the dental field providing a variety of services – ranging from general dentistry to dental crowns, gum surgery, veneers, and orthodontic treatments. 


Providing painless treatment to all patients is one of the highest priorities at Dr. Gupta’s Dental Clinic. But what is also of importance, is prevention and oral care awareness. Dr. Gupta is a firm believer that in order to reach all his goals as a dentist he needs to educate patients. We are excited to follow his dental journey and see how Dentacoin implementation will serve his mission.


Video Reviews Are the Future

Did you know that you can earn double rewards for leaving a video review at Trusted Reviews?
If you have been treated at Dr. Gupta’s Dental Clinic, or you are planning a visit – you can now share your experience in a written or video form here:


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