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Dentacoin Expands Horizons with Bidali Gift Cards

Published by Petar Stoykov on

April 12th, 2019: From coffee and pizza, through books and clothes, to flight and hotel bookings – thanks to Bidali now you can pay for various gift cards directly with Dentacoin (DCN)!


Bidali brings even more opportunities for Dentacoin holders to spend their tokens for  products of over 100 popular brands around the world. Simultaneously, Bidali allows businesses to boost sales by accepting low-risk crypto payments.


About Bidali

Using blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies, Bidali is empowering customers to transact globally in an open, secure and efficient peer-to-peer manner. The company’s solutions foster a friendly environment to use digital assets to buy products from some of the biggest brands across the world without the need for complex transfers and swaps between different cryptocurrencies.


Not only that, Bidali prides itself on being an easy to implement at any business around the world and the team is focused on bringing in new retailers and open new markets.


“With lower fees than credit card and no chargebacks, what’s not to love? Cryptocurrency payments are settled faster and cannot be faked due to the blockchain. This results in less risk to you as a merchant and better cash flow,” explains Bidali team.


The widening scope of Dentacoin

“Dentacoin is used exclusively to pay your dentist which makes its scope very narrow”. You have heard this statement before, haven’t you? The fact that Dentacoin Foundation develops software solutions used by dentists and their patients does not mean that the currency itself can only be spent for dental treatments. Just as any other real currency, Dentacoin can be easily exchanged and used for whatever purposes one wants or needs.


Well, Bidali now makes this fact more obvious than ever. With your hands untied, you have access to top retailers from a wide range of verticals, including but not limited to clothing, food and beverages, games and entertainment, sporting goods, homes and renovation, hotels, airlines and travel, electronics and so much more!


Check all available options here.


How does it work?

Buying gift cards with Dentacoin is very easy and takes just a few minutes. Let’s go through the process together.

Download “How to buy various gift cards with Dentacoin.pdf”

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