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Dentacoin partner dentaprime europe largest clinic

Dentacoin Announces Partnership With Europe's Largest Dental Clinic

Published by Donika Kraeva on

Dentacoin Foundation announces a strategic partnership with Dentaprime – officially pronounced as the largest private dental clinic in Europe. 

The latest location of the same-named chain opened its doors in spring 2020 as a result of the ever-increasing demand and the managing team’s devotion to providing first-class dental implant restorations to everyone, irrespective of income and age. Now – with its 71 treatment rooms, 12000-patient annual capacity, 320-member team, and 14-year experience – Dentaprime has solidly carved its position as the top destination for dental implantology on the entire continent. 

Their inclination towards top-notch technology and exceptional patient care at affordable prices, as well as their focus on dental tourism, is what naturally drove them towards Dentacoin. It placed them among the first operating businesses to heavily integrate blockchain tools in their payment, patient care, and employee systems. 

Dentaprime dentacoin accepted here

© Photos copyrights: Dentaprime


Partnership Background

If the name Dentaprime rings a bell, let us remind you that SWISS Dentaprime, the pioneer location of the chain, was the very first dental clinic in the world to accept Dentacoin (DCN) payments. In their report in May 2017, Desislava Dimova, COO, shared

Desislava dimova dentaprime Cropped“Dentacoin was the perfect choice to reward patients for contributing to our improvement. Giving a voucher/coupon/client card or a discount in euro was nowhere near the excitement of receiving Dentacoin. Dentacoin felt like some kind of magical money to them.” 

Now, three years later, over 80% of the clinic’s patients use their DCN tokens to pay part of their dental bills in Dentacoin (DCN) and receive a discount for doing so. 

The pioneering location has been revamped into a world-best class diagnostic center with state-of-the-art capabilities to detect oral health conditions and create 100% executable treatment plans with predictable results. The impressive new treatment center, on the other hand, integrates a digitized in-house laboratory, ultra-modern and fully equipped treatment rooms, topped-up by a hyper-hygienic and extra-caring patient environment. 

Dentaprime clinic lab

© Photos copyrights: Dentaprime


Looking Forward

Taking the partnership to another level, Dentacoin Foundation will now work closely with Dentaprime to integrate the following additional processes into the clinic’s workflow:

• Daily use of Dentacoin hub mobile app – a prototype version of the public Dentacoin hub app (to be available by the end of 2020); it gives quick access to patients to all relevant DCN apps, their wallet, as well as other important clinic resources.

• Daily use of employee bonus app – a mobile app that will encourage Dentaprime team members towards achieving the company goals and having a healthier lifestyle; good results will be rewarded in DCN. 

Donika kraeva sq“Our intensive cooperation with Dentaprime has allowed us to not only introduce thousands of people to the substantial aspects of the crypto world but has also led to them feeling cared for due to the conscious oral health engagement model. All Dentacoin tools are custom-tailored to increase users’ awareness towards their own dental health while simultaneously benefitting from the smart crypto rewards integration,” shares Donika Kraeva, Marketing Specialist at Dentacoin and Dentaprime partnership coordinator. 


Take a Tour Around

30-minute virtual tour in English:


30-minute virtual tour in German: 


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Donika Kraeva

Donika Kraeva

Marketing Manager at Dentacoin Foundation - the organization behind the first and only blockchain solution for dentistry. She is experienced in online medical marketing and content writing, and has developed feedback systems and patient loyalty programs for international dental clinics.

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