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Assurance 2.0

Dentacoin Assurance 2.0. and Health Database: Alpha Closed Test

Published by Petya Ivanova on

With the launch of Dentacoin Assurance 1.0. back in June, we introduced the first blockchain-based dental assurance plan. An entirely novel use case for smart contracts, Dentacoin Assurance 1.0. provides a way for dentists to capitalise on prevention while bringing affordable prophylactic dental care to patients. Breaking from the current treatment-focused approach, it turns the attention to putting a stop to easily preventative oral diseases.

Building on the first version of Dentacoin Assurance, Assurance 2.0. is enhancing the product by bringing more options for both parties and with the integration of a basic dental health record.


Dentacoin Assurance 2.0.: Expanding the reach


The second version of Dentacoin Assurance scales up the blockchain-based dental plan giving more flexibility to patients. Assurance 1.0. is based on a smart contract between one dental practice and a patient, and respectively covers dental services with that practice, whereas with the second version, patients can use the plan within a pool of many dentists and dental clinics. Leveraging on that, dentists benefit from a shared pool of premiums, automatically distributed based on the number of preventive services covered. In addition, as part of the pool dental practices will be able to reach out to more patients.


Integrating Health Database


Dentacoin Assurance 2.0. includes a basic version of a blockchain database automatically recording and verifying check-ups and treatments at each visit. That way, patients will never lose important information from their visit to the dentist and will be able to refer to it at their convenience.


What’s next?


Internal testing of the alpha version is already underway, collecting valuable feedback for the official release set for the first half of 2021.


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