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Dentacoin Assurance 1.0: Official Launch on the Ethereum Mainnet 

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Today is a crucially important day at Dentacoin Foundation, as its cornerstone product – Dentacoin Assurance – has been officially deployed to the Ethereum Mainnet. 

See contract:
Deployment TX

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Dentists | Patients


Building a Health System that Cares 

Dentacoin Assurance introduces an entirely new, tangible use case of smart contracts within the real-world dental industry. The plan enhances oral health by entitling patients to preventive services (check-ups, tooth cleanings) and basic dental care against affordable monthly fees, exclusively paid in Dentacoin (DCN) cryptocurrency. Thus, patients’ long-term oral health is ensured, while dentists are supported into building a loyal patient base and capitalizing on sustainable prevention. How it works:

Dentacoin blockchain assurance

The best part: All third parties are eliminated from the picture. Dentacoin Foundation does not regulate the relations in any way. It just provides the ready-to-use, secure and highly automated infrastructure as an alternative to the well-known, hefty, and high-profit-oriented insurance plans. 

The relations are directly handled between patients and dentists through self-executed smart contracts, allowing for adherence to deadlines and conditions, as well as for low-fee, automated crypto payments. The front-end interface makes it utterly easy for non-tech-savvy individuals and dental practitioners to interact with Dentacoin Assurance. 


Why Is Dentacoin Assurance Important?

Besides being the first working prototype of a blockchain-based dental assurance plan, Dentacoin Assurance is an important step forward as it brings blockchain solution even closer to the masses. It once again proves the devotion of the Foundation to bridge the gap between the new technology and the everyday life and business environment.

The following pillars are also deeply embedded in the development of the innovative model:


➡️ Focusing on prevention and reducing costs and pain:

Good oral hygiene habits, proper nutrition, and regular check-ups can eliminate up to 90% of all dental costs paid annually by patients all over the world. Taking this into account, Dentacoin Assurance helps dentists capitalise on preaching and practising conscious prevention – an approach that goes against their profitability within the current flawed system. Simultaneously, it provides them with a customisable, FREE, and easy-to-use dental plan that fits their practice. Patients, on the other hand, are supported in receiving preventive services and basic dental care at affordable monthly rates, while also learning how to engage more in their own oral health through all Dentacoin tools. Read more on the topic:

“Wait until It Aches” or Why Dentistry Seems So Expensive 


➡️ Yet another use case for the DCN cryptocurrency:

Being the first and only currency that boosts oral health, Dentacoin (DCN) is among the very few examples of a cryptocurrency that is used purposefully and daily by thousands of individuals and operating businesses.

The tangible use cases of DCN include: rewards for oral health engagement, payments for dental services, products, and materials, and more. Over 110K+ individuals and 1.8K+ dental offices have operated with the currency since its inception. See more on the topic:

8 Use Cases for Your Dentacoin (DCN) Tokens


Smart Contracts, Valid Within a Pool of Dentists

On top of educating first partner dentists to use Dentacoin Assurance and acquire new partners, Dentacoin Foundation has already been planning the next version of the revolutionary dental plan!

Assurance 2.0 is already under concept development, featuring: 

  • Smart contracts, valid within a pool of dentists – giving more flexibility to patients
  • Basic version of a blockchain database – verifying check-ups and treatments
  • Shared pool of premiums for dentists – automatically distributed based on the number of preventive services covered

The closed beta test version of Dentacoin Assurance 2.0 is expected by the end of 2020. It will be officially presented at the International Dental Show in Cologne, Germany in March 2021.


Dentacoin Assurance Guides

Curious to see how Dentacoin Assurance works? Watch the video guides to get to know the model in detail!  


For patients: 


For dentists:


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