Dentacoin and adbank Join Forces for Fraud-Free Online Advertising

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June 5th, 2019: Pay less, get more: These are the words that adbank, a powerful online ad platform built on the blockchain, works by. We are glad to announce that Dentacoin Foundation will be partnering with adbank to promote and deliver quality ads to the right people without losing ad spend to fraudulent clicks!


Online advertising made transparent  

With adbank’s patent-pending AI anti-fraud technology, the company intends to create a new transparent advertising ecosystem which comes along with a clear-cut audit trail – allowing payment traceability from advertiser to publisher. With its ecosystem built on ETH and artificial intelligence with access to multiple sources of data, the ability of adbank, as well as other third-party developers, to offer analytics service with deep insights is remarkable.


See how it works:


Everyone in the advertising ecosystem profits. Publishers sell ad space and keep more revenue without communicating with advertisers. Advertisers, on their end, pay less for better results as the lack of middlemen allows publishers to charge less. What about end users? We’ll get to this point later.


Dentacoin and adbank

“Adbank got my attention while I was researching blockchain projects in the field of advertising. Digital advertising is indeed flawed as “thanks to” middlemen and deceptive tactics such as click farms and ad stacking, billions of dollars are annually lost somewhere along the advertising chain. Adbank intelligently addresses the biggest budget-drains both publishers and we advertisers face and I am enthusiastic to see its benefits in action,” comments Donika Kraeva, Marketing Manager at Dentacoin.  


With adbank, not only are we tackling ad fraud, but this partnership also allows us to eliminate the many middlemen involved in the journey from the advertiser, through the publisher, all the way to the end user. With intermediaries taking anywhere from 20% to 50% of global ad spend this is a huge step forward in reaching much needed efficiency within the ecosystem.


“Dentacoin shares similar values with adbank in that it believes true adoption of its technology is the key to blockchain having the impact we all know it has the potential to have. As I researched and learned about Dentacoin, it was clear that they were using blockchain and smart contracts to align the best interests of all actors in their economic system just like we do with adbank. To see blockchain technology applied to healthcare in this way, which actually improves the lives of patients and dentists is exciting to see,” shares Jon Gillham, adbank’s CEO.


By partnering up with adbank we are now confident that our marketing budget will be well spent on creating more awareness for the Dentacoin tools and currency. It is an amazing opportunity to overcome one of the key issues that has been plaguing the industry for too long.


Time to earn tokens by blocking unwanted ads?

Adbank also has something very interesting for you, end users! Their BLADE Google Chrome Extension is a revolutionary new ad blocker allows you to block unwanted ads and replace them with high-quality ones that respect your privacy. On the top of it all: You get rewarded with ADB tokens for every ad you see. The company estimates BLADE’s rewards to $547 per year in 2020. Curious to try it out?



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