Dentacoin Advisory Team Update (Feb.2018): Carson Calderwood , USA

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We are glad to welcome Carson Calderwood to our Advisory Team!

Mr. Carson Calderwood has been in the dental field for 20 years. He started as a dental assistant and continued throughout college when he graduated and began practicing dentistry as a dentist, himself.

“I started my own dental clinic from the ground up, doing everything by myself”, shares Carson. His business grew gradually since then and currently, other dentists work alongside with him.

A faculty club member at the renowned Frank Spear Institute for advanced dental treatment, he has been focusing his career on the topic of obtaining informed consent from patients. This is where the idea for his first book came from – seen by many as “a way to help patients take control of their oral health.” The book has been described as similar to how blockchain technology is moving financial, medical, technological information from centralized locations into a decentralized and commonly shared arena.

He has previously been on the Dental Intel podcast  where he enriched his network.

“I am in contact with several dental experts and well known dental leaders. I feel these USA connections and my experience will be a great asset to your project of bringing blockchain technology use in dentistry, especially in helping bring it to the USA market.”

Additionally, Carson is also very passionate about cryptocurrencies and the benefits that blockchain technology brings for several years now.

Check Carson Calderwood’s book here:

Insider’s Guide to Saving Money at the Dentist: A Dentist’s Advice on How to Effectively Create and Keep an Amazing Smile

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Senchumo Lotha · 20th February 2018 at 10:40 am

Im so glad that someone in the person of Mr. Carson has join the Denta world community. Im confident that his joining will strengthen dentacoin to a greater height.

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