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Dentacare: Jaws of Battle Lands on iOS 

Published by Petar Stoykov on

Time to kick off this week with some amazing news for all Apple users: You can now test Dentacare: Jaws of Battle Alpha on iOS devices as well! This marks an important milestone in the game’s development, as we make another step forward towards delivering an outstanding dental education experience across all mobile platforms. 


For those outside the loop, Jaws of Battle sets you on a journey to become the ultimate Dentawarrior in the first and only educational trading card game that helps develop healthy dental habits. Locking jaws with your opponents in head to head combat to determine who can keep most of their teeth standing, you unlock new cards, build the ultimate deck and pave your way to the top, as your learn more about oral care.


This novel take on gamifying education opens up new opportunities to have fun with the entire family, especially now in this early stage, as you help us shape the game through your experience. See your feedback come to life, through regular updates quick and easy in just a few taps with the App Store Test Flight system!



As a tester, you can provide feedback on the go as you experience Jaws of Battle through the Test Flight App, but for those of you who enjoy being thorough we are offering a special reward. Give us your thoughts and rate your game experience in a systematic way, outlined in this form, and receive 88,888 DCN for your efforts! 



Your detailed feedback is greatly appreciated and we are looking forward to implementing it as we get closer to the official launch!


For those that signed up and tested the Android version already, thank you for helping us find new ways to improve the concept. Even though you are late to the party, we are absolutely thrilled to welcome all iOS new-comers! You no longer have to feel left-out, as you can now enjoy the Dentacare: Jaws of Battle experience on all mobile platforms. 

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