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Dentacare: Jaws of Battle - Kicking Off the Play Store Alpha

Published by Petar Stoykov on

Ever had a great idea for a game, but didn’t know how to pitch it to the devs? Ever wanted to be part of the development process? Well now you can, as the alpha version of the upcoming child version of Dentacoin’s Dentacare – Health Training hits the shelves of the Play Store and becomes available for testing!



Become the ultimate Dentawarrior in the first and only educational trading card game that helps you develop healthy dental care habits – Dentacare: Jaws of Battle! Lock jaws and face your opponents in head to head combat to determine who can keep most of their teeth standing. Unlock new cards, build the ultimate deck and pave your way to the top. 


Do you have what it takes to become Arena Champion?


Breathe some fresh air into what has always been a dull chore and start having fun doing it for once. Learn, as you play – every card mimics the real world effects it has on your teeth, so you will be an expert on dental health in no time! 


Have fun with the entire family, regardless of age, as you help us shape the game through your experience. See your feedback come to life, by receiving regular updates without complicated procedures – just a few taps away with the Play Store.


So what are you waiting for? Brush your teeth and prepare for battle!


But first… Take our hand and let us show you how to get started with the guide below:


  1. Send us an email to so we can add you as an alpha tester. Check carefully if it is the one linked to your Play Store account
  2. If you have done so already please opt-in via this link. Make sure you are visiting it with the Play Store account email that you sent us for the alpha testers list.
  3. You will be provided with a download link after confirming your participation. Alternatively the download link is here.
  4. You will be taken to Play Store listing page and you will be able to install the app like you normally would from the Play Store. Installing it in such manner allows you to receive regular updates to the app, as soon as we release them.


Playing the game
  1. You must register an account, in order to play the game. To register tap the “Register” button, after you’ve tapped “Play” on the home screen.
  2. As there are no tooltips available in this early version, please follow these guidelines to avoid difficulties, while creating your account:
    • Input the correct captcha code
    • Capitalize the first letter of your First and Last name
    • For password use any combination of 8, or more letters/numbers. 
    • Since you don’t need to verify your email address you can input any email address in the field. Doesn’t have to be genuine.
  3. While building your deck, unlockable cards are on the right, while your deck is in the middle. The more you win the more cards will unlock. To unlock a card you need all of its fragments.
  4. While in combat, tap a card to display more information, drag and drop it on a target tooth to perform its action. Cleansers and healers can target your own teeth only, while others can target enemy teeth only. Your goal is to save your teeth, while destroying as much as you can from the enemy. 
  5. When playing the game keep in mind that this is still a very early version that has plenty of bugs. If you encounter any, you can always restart the game, by tapping the back button on your phone to interrupt your current actions, or the home button to exit completely. If you choose to exit completely, clear it from recent apps and try again. If you encounter a bug that prevents you from playing the game, uninstall and reinstall it again. This should clear the data and allow you to proceed further, should you not replicate it once again.


Providing Feedback

At present bug fixing is not a top priority, as the game is still in a very early phase. Even though you will likely encounter many while testing and we will collect your reports of them that should not be your main focus. Please focus on the game experience and how the elements fit together. You are currently testing the concept, not the final version. 



Nevertheless, if you encounter any bugs, you can use the following form as drop off point. The form is limited to one bug per submission for organization purposes, but you can revisit it as many times as you want to report your findings.



For those that have signed up already, thank you for helping us deliver an outstanding experience for children, adults and all members of the family at launch. All new-comers, late to the party, your submissions are also welcome – just let us know you’d like to participate and start testing, by sending us an email. 


Naturally you will get rewarded for your initiative, so make sure you fill-in your wallet address, when you are providing general feedback via the form! Your feedback is valuable and we will be happy to implement your ideas, suggestions, bug reports and any other forms of improvement you can think of in the final version of the game. 


Let’s build together!

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