Dentacare Health Training Mobile App Now Available for iOS

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Dentacare, the app that rewards people for establishing healthy dental care habits, is now available in the Apple AppStore! Yes, you read this right. The long-awaited iOS version of the Dentacare Health Training mobile app is finally here!


About the app

If you’re new to Dentacoin, you are likely wondering what the Dentacare Health Training app does exactly and how it relates to you. The concept is simple:

“By maintaining proper dental care and adhering to all recommendations within the app, users will receive incentives in the form of Dentacoin tokens.”


At present, this initial iOS version rewards users with Denta Points. Have no fear, Denta Points can be redeemed for the corresponding amount of Dentacoin after finishing the journey, so no value will be lost whatsoever!

The Dentacare Mobile app aims to form long-lasting dental care habits through an intensive training program in an engaging gamified environment.

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

– Jim Ryun


The basic initial program lasts for 3 months, as it is considered that this is the time slot needed for a certain activity to be permanently integrated into the daily routine of an individual.

“Call it what you will, incentives are what get people to work harder.”

 — Nikita Khrushchev


Only after maintaining a proper routine for a 3-month period, users can claim their Dentacoin tokens, which can be used for paying for dental services , dental care products, Dentacoin Assurance, or they can store them or trade on exchange platforms and thus, benefit from the expected value multiplication.

Through the Dentacare Health Training mobile app, both adults and children will be motivated to improve not only their dental health, but also their overall health. A fact often ignored is that dental health is directly related to the overall health condition of a person.

“Dental health is not something “good to have”, yet not as important as another part of the body. Coming from the field of dentistry, we have seen first-hand how poor dental health could lead to an overall low quality of life. Problems with the gastrointestinal tract, the cardiovascular system, the nerve system form only a fraction of all problems linked to poor dental health. Thus, it is of the utmost importance for each individual to maintain high dental hygiene standards. People should be educated about the importance of proper dental care as a preventive measure and then they should be motivated to adhere to the recommendations and form healthy habits. Here gamification and reward systems are the “keywords” to achieving the needed level of dental health awareness,” comments Dr. Dimo Daskalov, leading dentist and educator in Prosthetic Dentistry.



So what sets Dentacare Health Training apart from other similar apps? Jeremias Grenzebach, our core developer had this to say:

“There are just a few other apps on the market with a similar purpose. However, Dentacare has its distinctive characteristics. Firstly, it is focused on establishing habits: not on encouraging one-time efforts. The 3-month Dentacare program is oriented towards educating people on the importance of oral hygiene and prevention, everything in a fun and gamified environment. The inherent incentive system is another unique feature of Dentacare. Only users who adhere to the recommendations within the app – throughout the whole 3-month program (and afterwards upon desire) – are rewarded for their efforts and good results with Dentacoin tokens. Therefore, the incentives serve not only as an initial trigger for using the app, but they also motivate consistency. The earned tokens have a real-world value: they can be traded on international exchange platforms, stored for potential value multiplication and/or used as a means of payment for dental services at clinics in 13 countries around the world.”

The Android version of Dentacare Health Training was officially released in November 2017 and ever since then more than 23 000 users have joined the platform to begin their journey towards better oral care. Now the journey for our iOS users can officially begin. Ready to go? Hit the image to start:

Dentacare Health Training iOS AppStore


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